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"Despite all his boasting about beefing up our defense, his brags that America is stronger than ever, Donald Trump has placed our national security in peril," writes Winship. "With our own government in chaos and a shambolic delusional president systematically destroying our relations with longtime friends in the world, we have completely abandoned our role as a leader among nations and in many ways, left ourselves defenseless." (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Trump's Bull Destroys the China Shop–And Our Role in the World
The notion of "America First" hasn't protected us but instead has wrecked national security.
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All 17 species of Red Colobus, including Temminck's Red Colobus (Piliocolobus basius temminckii) are threatened, making this Africa's most threatened genus of monkeys. Hunting for bushmeat—much of it illegal—and habitat loss continue to pose the most urgent threats to primates across the continent. (Photo: Mic Mayhew/IUCN) News
Updated Species Extinction List Signals 'Urgent Action Needed to Save Life on Earth'
More than one in four of the 120,372 plant and animal species assessed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature are at risk of extinction.
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The Trump Tower's new front yard. Photo by New York Times Welcome cracks in - if not the devoutly-to-be-wished end of - the malignant morass that is Trump's "imperial presidency," founded as it is on the toxic tenet that he's above the law. Actually, nope, said the Supreme Court, ruling he'll have...
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A mother holds her malnourished child to be weighed as he receives treatment at Al-Jumhori hospital in Saada province, March 19, 2020. News
'The Last Straw': As Pandemic Rages, Oxfam Warns 12,000 Could Die Per Day From Hunger
"Meanwhile, those at the top are continuing to make a profit."
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'The Game Is Up': Report Says Asset Sales and Debt-Driven Dividends Show Fossil Fuel Industry Cannot Be Saved
"To continue to throw money at an industry that is not only causing environmental destruction but also facing economic decline is as imprudent as it is indefensible."
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The sun goes down behind chimneys at a coal plant in Duisburg, Germany on June 28, 2019. (Photo: Marcel Kusch/dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images) News
Humanity on Track to Soon Hit 1.5ºC Paris Accord Limit as Atmospheric CO2 Nears Level Not Seen in 15 Million Years
"It's still not too late to avoid the worst effects of the #ClimateEmergency. But governments need to act NOW," tweeted Greenpeace.
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Israel began utilizing the occupied territories as if they are contiguous and permanent parts of so-called Israel proper, immediately following the June 1967 war.  (Photo: Wiktor Szymanowicz / Barcroft Media via Getty Images) Views
The West Bank Is Already Annexed
The truth is that Israel rarely behaves as an 'Occupying Power', but as a sovereign in a country where racial discrimination and apartheid are not only tolerated or acceptable but are, in fact, 'legal' as well.
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Second growth redwood trees are seen in a grove at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland, California, on April 29, 2020. Save the Redwoods League is now focusing on preserving and restoring forests that have been clearcut in the past 100 or so years, after studies showed these forests sequester more carbon, faster than any other forest in the world. (Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images) News
New Report Finds Economic Benefits of Protecting 30% of Planet's Land and Ocean Outweigh the Costs 5-to-1
"Protecting nature halts biodiversity loss, helps fight climate change, and lessens the chance of future pandemics. This is sound public policy, economically, ecologically, and morally."
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"The fossil fuel corporations funded by Wall Street cause vast harm to black communities," writes Connon, "yet, black communities reap almost no benefit from the industry." (Image: Flood Wall Street) Views
What Do the Racial Wealth Gap, Police Brutality, and the Climate Crisis Have in Common? Wall Street
The biggest banks, it turns out, are every bit as complicit in the climate crisis as they were in the slave trade.
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600+ Groups Warn 'Unprecedented' Wave of Corporate Lawsuits Could Imperil Global Fight Against Covid-19
"A spate of cases now could result in a 'regulatory chilling' effect, in which governments water down, postpone, or withdraw actions to tackle the pandemic from the fear of such payments, which could be deadly."
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