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When the Clowns Stormed the Circus, Brought Their (Illegal) Phones and Ordered Pizza To Save the Republic
Yahoos storming the impeachment inquiry. CBS Screenshot We guess the bonkers news of the day was Trump lapdog Matt 'Big Hair/ Wee Brain' Gaetz and a coupla dozen other GOP yahoos storming a secure House hearing room to protest Adam Schiff's "Soviet style" - aka Constitutionally mandated and...
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Plastic waste including consumer items such as cups bottles are strewn across a popular beach in Beirut. News
New Report Details How Giants Like Coca-Cola Are Trashing the Planet With Plastics While Pushing 'False Solutions'
"Only by highlighting the real culprits can we push them to change their packaging and destructive throwaway business model."
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Indigenous Peruvians protest mining pollution, 2015. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Abusive North American Companies Pay Off Latin American Police to Harass Critics
In countries like Peru, extractive industries contract police to suppress Indigenous protesters and detain international observers—including me.
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In Just Six Months, London's "Brave" Vehicle Emissions Rule Slashed Air Pollution by a Third
Designated zone for low emissions "shows what we can achieve if we are brave enough to implement such ambitious policies."
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Police investigate a truck at an industrial park in the United Kingdom News
'Beyond Horrific': UK Police Find 39 People Dead in Truck Container, Possible Victims of Human Trafficking Effort
"People who are forced to take dangerous journeys to reach Europe, in this case the U.K., often do so because current immigration policies deny them safe and legal options."
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A still from The Leap's new video on organizing voters to take over federal governments for progressive goals. News
'This Is How We Change the World': To Address Climate Crisis, Video Explains, Democracy Movements Must Rise
To get "sweeping policies enacted," says The Leap, "our movements have started taking the next step: winning elections and entering government."
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Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and the founder of the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice, speaks at the Women In The World Summit on April 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)q News
Climate Justice Champion Mary Robinson Warns Extinction Rebellion of Perils If Unwise Tactics 'Alienate the Public'
"I think it is very, very important that the public display of disruption is seen by the public as being in their interests, and that has happened. But if they lose that, that would be very serious."
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Lebanese demonstrators dance to music by DJs as the protest movement takes over the country. News
'The Revolution Is Lit': Jubilant Lebanon Uprising Fueled By Music, Dancing, and... 'Baby Shark'
"Only in Lebanon would a song like 'Baby Shark,' which is now being played at every crowd gathering, become the anthem of a revolution."
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Global Millionaires—Just 0.9% of Population—Now Own Nearly Half of World's $361 Trillion in Wealth, Study Shows
The bottom 56 percent of the population owns just 1.8 percent of the world's wealth
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High school protesters in Chile demonstrate at subways against a fare hike. The movement has exploded in recent days. News
"We Can't Remain Indifferent": Chile Trade Unions Call for General Strike in Support of Student-Led Uprising
"Something's not right with this country and 14-year-olds were the first ones to say so—now it's workers' turn to say enough is enough."
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