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The Struggle of Nation and Religion in Lebanon
"What happens once the protests are over, after people go home, and find that their expectations were cut short? Will it be another thirty years before they muster the courage to rise up again?"
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Police patrol the Hungarian border fence with Serbia on January 18, 2019 outside Szeged, Hungary. In 2015 thousands of migrants massed on the Hungarian border News
'The Business of Building Walls': New Report Shows Companies Cashing In on Europe's Expanding Anti-Migrant Barriers
"As we celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is tragic that so many new walls have been built across Europe to keep out the most vulnerable people on our planet."
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A supporter of the former Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva holds a flag during a national strike protest called by unions and students against the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's pension reform in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 14, 2019. News
'An Extraordinary Day': Brazilian Leftist Leader Lula Freed From Prison
"An extraordinary day in Brazil—for the world, given Lula's stature."
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Syrian soldiers are seen deploying in an oil-rich area in the countryside of Qamishli, northeastern Hasakah province, Syria, on Nov. 5, 2019. News
Pentagon Claims US Authority to Shoot Any Syrian Govt Official Who Tries to Take Control of Syrian Oil
"This is not a new mission."
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The only way to preserve the current social and economic order is by force. And when people have had enough, they meet force with resistance and resilience. (Photo: by Martin Bernetti/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Governments Beware: People Are Rising Up All Over the World
Free-market capitalism has proved time and again to be a failure. The promised riches are distributed far too unequally, and for most they never transpire.
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Glenn Greenwald Assaulted by Pro-Bolsonaro Journalist During Live Broadcast
Augusto Nunes, a defender of Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, struck Greenwald in the face after the Intercept journalist repeatedly called him a "coward."
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New Zealand Wins Global Praise for 'Historic' Law to Bring Net Carbon Emissions to Zero by 2050
"Now continues the work to actually cut our pollution, and do that in a transformative and just way."
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Thousands of Irish schools students participate today in the Global School Strike for Climate Action march on Friday, March 15, 2019, in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)   Views
The Climate Strikers Walked Out of School. Next, Let’s Walk Off the Job.
We can leverage our power as workers through high-impact, disruptive labor strikes that halt the economy’s gears until politicians can no longer ignore us, and are forced to cede to demands that will save the world.
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Nuclear stockpiles have shrunk, not grown, and nuclear-armed nations number nine. (Photo: Lamerie/flickr/cc) Views
A Tight Grip On Our Nuclear Toys
Hello, omnicide.
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Jane Fonda and her Fire Drill Fridays are linking social movements across issues, eyeing the connections between the myriad problems we see causing climate chaos, many of them rooted in capitalist consumer culture. (Photo: Twitter/CodePink) Views
Avoiding the Climate Catastrophe Starts With Divesting From the War Machine
The time has come to divest from the war machine and withdraw our public dollars from weapons corporations.
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