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Global grassroots mobilisation is the only way to prevent climate apartheid from taking root and taking adequate action to save the human civilisation from dying out because of its own folly. (Photo: Saeed Khan/AFP via Getty Images) Views
The Australia Fires Portend a Future of Climate Apartheid
The climate denialism of the rich and powerful is increasing the suffering of the poor and marginalised communities.
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Activists for climate action rallied News
Tens of Thousands Join 'Sack ScoMo' Protests Against Government Climate Inaction as Bushfires Rage Across Australia
" These fires, heatwaves, and droughts are not just unprecedented—they're the direct result of decades of climate destruction at the hands of fossil fuel loving politicians."
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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks during a press conference at Parliament House on January 05, 2020 in Canberra, Australia. News
"Stop Making a Killing at the Planet's Expense": Climate Advocates Call for Fossil Fuel Companies to Foot Australia Fires Bill
"'Whatever it takes' needs to include serious and ambitious action to reduce Australia's and global emissions."
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Morrison views these fiery events through a prism of faith in an extractive capitalism. (Photo: Peter Parks/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Australia's National State of Emergency: The Fire This Time
Long term solutions requires a fundamental debate about the role of uncontrolled growth and hubristic attitudes towards nature.
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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday received an earful from angry residents of the devastated town of Cobargo. News
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Heckled for Insufficient Response to Bushfires by Residents of Devastated Community
"You're not welcome, you fuckwit."
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Canberra, Australia on Wednesday was so smoky that visibility past a few hundred yards was virtually non-existent. News
Smoke From Australia Fires Delivers Capital 'Worst Air Quality on Record'—With More to Come
Over 2,500 miles away, in New Zealand, smoke from the fires blotted out the sun at the Tasman Glacier.
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Locals and tourists holding tight on the Mallacoota wharf as the bushfire passes through the popular seaside summer holiday spot. News
'Tasteless': Australian PM Condemned for Hosting Fireworks-Laden Party While Country Burns
"It is time to declare a National Climate Emergency."
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A mother and her kids are sheltering in their boat on the water near Mallacoota. News
'Unprecedented National Crisis': Australians Flee to the Water as Fires Consume Coastal Town on Southern Coast in Victoria
" Absolutely devastating."
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Fire and Rescue personnel run to move their truck as a bushfire burns next to a major road and homes on the outskirts of the town of Bilpin on December 19, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. News
Firefighters in Australia Say Situation 'Out of Control' as Prime Minister Denies Request for Emergency Aid
"They believe they have the situation in hand. That is definitely not the case."
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A firefighter and a koala watch a bushfire in Eden Hills, Adelaide, South Australia. News
Pouring Coal on the Fires, Aussie PM Rejects Climate Solutions as Country Burns
"These are the realities that make me wonder at how corrupt must be the souls of people who have the power to stop this and fail to act."
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