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PFAS do not break down in the environment and bioaccumulate in the food chain. They are associated with birth defects and developmental damage to infants, the liver, kidneys and immune system, as well as cancer risk. (Photo: Getty) Views
EPA Is Abandoning Those Suffering From Toxic PFAS Pollution
Even as the scientific case for regulation grows clearer and more urgent every year, the EPA under President Trump delays and obfuscates.
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Sanders Takes Aim at Corporate Polluters With Bill to Clean Up Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in Drinking Water
"Congress must pass this legislation to put an end to corporate stonewalling and criminal behavior and tackle this public health crisis."
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In urine samples, residues of various plastic ingredients were found in 97 to 100 percent of the children examined. News
German Study: Alarming Levels of Dangerous Plastics in Children's Bodies
Children from poorer families had more plastic residue in their bodies than those from higher-income homes.
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EPA's Plan to Regulate Chemical Contaminants in Drinking Water Is a Drop in the Bucket
The plan largely focuses on addressing problems at existing contaminated sites, not on keeping these chemicals out of water supplies and the environment
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Senators Demand Federal Limits for Toxic Chemicals in Drinking Water Amid Reports of 'Unconscionable' Inaction by Trump's EPA
"We now face a serious challenge: aggressively addressing the health and environmental threats connected with PFAS."
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'Absolutely Unconscionable': Trump EPA Refuses to Limit Toxic Chemicals That Contaminate Drinking Water of Millions
"It's time for state governments and Congress to step up, since it's obvious we can't rely on Andrew Wheeler and Trump's EPA to protect us."
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Dying of Consumption While Guzzling Snake Oil: The Environment Crisis Requires Overhauling Our Corporate Industrial Civilization
We cannot take for granted, as economists and industrialists do, that we will continue to produce and consume more
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'This Is a Big Deal': Fearing 'Public Relations Nightmare,' Pruitt's EPA Blocked Release of a Major Water Contamination Study
Journalists, members of Congress, environmental and public health advocates, and water experts are all calling on the Trump administration to "immediately" release the report
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Amid 'Alarming Setbacks,' Right Livelihood Winners Embody Vision of Better World
While democracy suffers at hands of the global elite, this year's winners show humanity "way forward towards a just, peaceful and sustainable world for all."
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From Flint To Standing Rock To Upstate NY, Organizing To Save Our Water
Despite the drinking water crisis epitomized by the scandal in Flint, Michigan, Donald Trump has pledged to scrap regulations protecting our water resources. Meanwhile, the victims in Flint are reaching out to other communities, hoping to organize grassroots groups and pressure government at all...
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