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east island News
Hawaiian Island Swallowed Up By Rising Seas After Hurricane Walaka Reveals 'What the Future Could Look Like'
"The take-home message is climate change is real and it's happening now."
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Aurelia Skipwith News
Trump Nominates Ex-Monsanto Exec to 'Help the Most Anti-Environmental Administration in History Do Even More Damage'
"Aurelia Skipwith has been working in the Trump administration all along to end protections for billions of migratory birds, gut endangered species safeguards, and eviscerate national monuments."
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Stay of Execution for Yellowstone Grizzly Bears as Court Rules Trump Admin Illegally Gutted Protections
"These beautiful and beleaguered animals certainly shouldn't be shot for cheap thrills or a bearskin rug."
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A grizzly bear News
In Win for Wildlife, Yellowstone Area Grizzlies Get 'Stay of Execution'
Federal judge grants temporary restraining order blocking planned trophy hunts in Wyoming and Idaho
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NE landowners News
Stalling Trump's 'Illegal Rubber-Stamp' of Keystone XL, Federal Court Orders Full Environmental Review
"This is a huge win for the landowners and Tribal Nation members whose water and environment would be forever threatened by this dangerous tar sands project."
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A monarch butterfly on milkweed Views
Why Treaty Protection Is Needed for Migratory Pollinators
Butterflies are not protected under any treaty, and consequently their populations are in danger.
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On many major issues, from civil rights to voting, the environment to business, who benefits from local policy varies from state to state. And it depends on who makes up your community, who votes in local elections, and who gets the power.  (Photo: Frederick Bass/Getty Images) Views
Power Grows Closer to Home as Big Government Fails Us
It will be up to the states, the cities, the communities, and the people to rebuild a unified state
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Taking 'Wrecking Ball' to Endangered Species Act, Trump Administration Opens Door for Corporate Attack on Vulnerable Wildlife
If Interior Department's proposals are approved, "Zinke will go down in history as the extinction secretary"
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grizzly bears News
Jane Goodall Among Creative Protesters Seeking to Stop Wyoming's First Grizzly Trophy Hunt in Four Decades
The goal of the campaign: "Shoot'em with a camera" not a gun
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red wolf News
As GOP Pushes Overhaul, Conservationists Mobilize to Save 'Endangered Species Act From Extinction'
"This bill is all about politics. It's not about science. It's especially not about better ways to conserve endangered species."
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