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Wolves are intelligent, closely bonded animals who play a vital role in nature. (Photo: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) Views
Trump Wants to Remove Federal Protections for Wolves: Idaho’s Example Shows Why This Is a Terrible Idea
There’s still time to speak out against national wolf delisting by adding your public comment by July 15
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Opponents of the Keystone XL News
'Trump Is Not Above the Law': New Lawsuit Aims to Defeat Keystone XL
"We won't stop fighting Trump's underhanded attempt to dodge the courts and ram this dirty fossil fuel project down America's throat."
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Progressives Denounce Export-Import Bank's Support for Fossil Fuel Industry as Congress Debates Reauthorization
"Every coal power plant the Export-Import Bank props up brings us that much closer to climate catastrophe."
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As scientists warn of a growing global extinction crisis, Grijalva’s bill would offer a much-needed lifeline for America’s most endangered wildlife. (Photo: Getty Images) Views
Fund Endangered Species Act, It's Saved 99 Percent of Wildlife on the Brink
If we do not provide more funding to save them now, we will almost surely lose them forever
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White River, near the location of the proposed rights-of-way News
New Lawsuit Challenges Energy-Intensive 'Disaster for Climate, Wildlife, and Colorado River Basin'
The proposed massive oil shale project would drain more than 3 billion gallons of water per year from the Green River
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Industrial ocean fish farm in Atlantic Ocean Canary Islands. (Photo: Video Blocks.) Views
Your Tax Dollars at Work
The Trump administration just created a map showing mega-corporations where they should industrialize the ocean next
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Endangered Species Act Saves Vast Majority of Species Under Its Protection
Species are being saved from extinction, but the landmark protections are under attack by the Trump administration
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) speaks as Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), right, and other Congressional Democrats listen during a news conference Feb. 7. (Photo: Alex Wong / TNS) Views
Three Earth Day Lessons for Green New Deal Activists
We must bridge racial, economic and political chasms and spark a renewed national effort to save the planet and leave our children a livable world
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The walrus deaths shown in “Our Planet” are becoming increasingly common as the sea ice they depend on melts away faster than we predicted. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Walruses Are Jumping Off Cliffs to Their Deaths—Yes, Because of Climate Change
Animal lovers of the world must bear witness to the walrus’s peril.
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'A Win for Big Oil and a Gut Punch to Public Lands': Conflict-Ridden Former Lobbyist Bernhardt Confirmed as Interior Secretary
"David Bernhardt's ties to Big Oil—the very industry he is tasked with regulating—are as deep as an oil well."
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