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'People Power Is Winning': Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Celebrates $11 Trillion Milestone
"We would not have smashed our divestment targets without the thousands of local groups who have pressured their representatives to pull out of fossil fuels."
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Protesters outside JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's New York City home. (Photo: Make the Road New York) Views
American Gulags
Communities across the country push back on immigration prisons
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Citing 'Permanent Oil Price Decline,' Norwegian Fund's Fossil Fuel Divestment Could Spark Global 'Shockwave'
"The decision should sound like a red alert for private banks and investors whose oil and gas assets are becoming increasingly risky and morally untenable," say climate campaigners
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Labor shouldn't just back the Green New Deal, it should help lead the way. (Photo: Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)   Views
12 Reasons Labor Should Demand a Green New Deal
Only protecting humanity from climate catastrophe can unify the political forces needed to meet labor’s demands for jobs, union rights, economic security, full employment, and worker empowerment
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Of course, even as we are in the process of creating a RCP8.5 world, that world is not inevitable. It is not our fate because we can change course.(Photo: Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) Views
Climate Activists Must Organize Like It’s 2099
The environmental policies of the Trump administration–as well as those championed by many state governments—are policies at war with all life on earth
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The wildfire that wiped out Paradise, California, viewed from space. At last count, there were 88 confirmed dead, 296 missing, The fire destroyed 13,972 homes, 528 commercial buildings and 4,293 other structures. (Photo: NASA) Views
An Ecosocialist Path to Limiting Global Temperature Rise to 1.5°C
An emergency plan to meet the climate emergency
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In place of fossil fuel finance, investments should be redirected toward renewable energy, cleaner industry, and more sustainable agriculture, among other priorities. (Photo: Image via Stefan Bumbeck/ Views
Want to Save the Climate? Break Up the Big Banks
Despite regularly claiming new commitments to ‘green finance,’ the big banks continue to lend billions to the fossil fuel industry every year
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San Ardo Oil Field in Monterey County, California (Photo: Loco Steve via Wikimedia Commons | CC 2.0) Views
If We Don’t Stop Digging Up Fossil Fuels, Who Will Die?
Report details brutal cost of climate inaction
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Oil & Gas Companies Fail to Reign in Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Investors Must Demand Paris Compliant Plan
We no longer have the luxury of time.
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"We see you dipping into fossil fuel industry branded manipulation." (Photo: via Friends of the Earth) Views
HSBC Divests From New Coal Projects Everywhere... Except Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Vietnam
Yet another example of t he fossil fuel industry's long history of exploiting poverty as a cover for destructive development.
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