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Climate activists protested outside ExxonMobil's annual meeting of shareholders in Irving, Texas. News
In Minnesota, Ellison Announces Climate Lawsuit Against Exxon, Koch, and API
"There are no more worthy targets of a climate fraud lawsuit than Exxon, Koch Industries, and API: the unholy trinity of climate denial."
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Bradley gave a total of $6.4 million to further fund its web of climate change deniers in 2019. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Bradley Spent Millions on Voter Suppression, Union Busters, Climate Deniers, and Right-Wing Media in 2019
As part of Bradley’s strategic vision, it invests in groups to defund and dismantle unions, to fuel a web of climate change deniers, and to prop up right-wing media.
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A right-wing protester holds a sign which reads "Be like Sweden" while another called the coronavirus pandemic a "fake crisis" during an April anti-lockdown demonstration in Minnesota. Views
Secretive Right-Wing Nonprofit Plays Role in COVID-19 Organizing
CNP's founders include multiple members of the conspiracist John Birch Society and Paul Weyrich, co-founder of the Heritage Foundation and ALEC.
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Recent polling shows ALEC’s aggressive position on resuming commercial activity to be outside the mainstream of public opinion. (Photo: CC) Views
ALEC Leading Right-Wing Campaign to Reopen the Economy Despite COVID-19
ALEC is attempting to use the national crisis to leverage movement on its pro-corporate policy agenda.
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It makes no logical sense to carry on investing in a product that is collectively killing us—but that is what oil investors knowingly do. (Photo: Pete Markham) Views
COVID-19 Fallout Threatens "Long-term Survivability" of Big Oil
The days of private pockets being filled endlessly by black gold are gone.
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Pompeo rode his ample funding from the political action committee of the billionaire Koch brothers straight to the Hill. So linked was he to those fraternal right-wing energy tycoons and so protective of their interests that he was dubbed "the congressman from Koch." (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
Trump's Own Military "West Point Mafia"
"Courage never quits"?: The price of power and West Point’s class of 1986.
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In Kansas, home to Koch Industries, AFP is still making the fight against expanded Medicaid a legislative priority. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Views
Despite Coronavirus Threat, Americans for Prosperity Still Leads Fight Against Medicaid Expansion
Coronavirus or not, AFP’s opposition to health care for the poor and working poor remains resolute.
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Then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) looks on as Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) speaks News
Pelosi Carries Right-Wing Rep. Henry Cuellar Over Finish Line to Defeat Progressive Jessica Cisneros
"Pelosi, the DCCC, and Charles Koch all teamed up for Cuellar."
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Essentially, it’s democracy for sale to the highest bidder. (Photo: Joe Bruskey/cc/flickr) Views
Bernie Sanders: 10 Years Fighting Citizens United
"You can’t take on a corrupt system if you take its money."
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Democracies will only begin to revive when we reverse the Reagan Revolution and return to the classical economic and political systems that existed in the Western world before the neoliberal 1980s. (Photo: Marion Ross/flickr/cc) Views
If We Want US Democracy Back, We Must Undo Attack on Middle Class Launched by Reagan
So long as the governments of America and other countries are captives of oligarchs and big corporations, and hang onto anti-worker, anti-middle-class neoliberal policies, citizens will continue to drift toward hard-right “populist" politicians.
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