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Gray wolf News
Issuing 'Death Sentence' to Gray Wolves, Trump Admin Moves to Gut Federal Protections
"By removing protections across the country, the Trump Administration is essentially abandoning all efforts to restore this iconic American species to millions of acres of wild habitat."
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Demonstrators gather in Lafayette Square during a demonstration organized by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) protesting President Donald Trump's declaration of emergency powers on February 18, 2019 in Washington, D.C. News
Nationwide Rallies Denounce #FakeTrumpEmergency and President's Anti-Immigrant Agenda
Rapid-response mobilizations refute Trump's assertion of an emergency at the southern border and denounce administration's xenophobic agenda
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'No to $5 Billion, No to $2.1 Billion, No to $1.6 Billion': Progressive Groups Pressure Democrats to Reject Any Funding for Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda
The ACLU and dozens of other advocacy groups urged Democrats to "reject any additional funding for detention beds, ICE and Border Patrol agents, or other harmful enforcement."
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Trump Admin Charges Ahead With 'Reckless' Plan to Turn Over Arctic Wildlife Refuge to Fossil Fuel Industry
Conservationists warn that "once we industrialize our last great Alaskan wilderness areas, there's no going back."
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An ocelot News
Challenge to Trump's Environmentally Disastrous Plan to 'Wreak Havoc Along the Border' Blocked by Supreme Court
'A human-made barrier on the scale of the proposed border wall would have a serious impact on animals,' conservation group had argued
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marcher News
New Report Details Trump's Devastating War on Science—And How New Congress Can Fight Back
"Congress has the power to halt and repair damage from federal agencies' current disregard for scientific evidence."
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buzzzz News
'An Insult to Our National Wildlife': Trump Reverses Ban on GMOs and Bee-Killing Pesticides in Refuges
" Industrial agriculture has no place on public lands dedicated to conservation of biological diversity and the protection of our most vulnerable species."
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Taking 'Wrecking Ball' to Endangered Species Act, Trump Administration Opens Door for Corporate Attack on Vulnerable Wildlife
If Interior Department's proposals are approved, "Zinke will go down in history as the extinction secretary"
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red wolf News
As GOP Pushes Overhaul, Conservationists Mobilize to Save 'Endangered Species Act From Extinction'
"This bill is all about politics. It's not about science. It's especially not about better ways to conserve endangered species."
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anwr News
Showing 'Total Disregard for Indigenous Rights and Public Wishes,' Trump Moves to Open Alaska Wildlife Refuge to Drilling
Critics warn that drilling in the region will threaten hundreds of species, violate the human rights of Native people, and further exacerbate the climate crisis
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