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Authorities walk among evidence markers at the scene of a mass shooting, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019, in Dayton, Ohio. (Photo: John Minchillo/AP Photo) Views
White Nationalist Does Massacre. Now the Gaslighting Begins
The president of the United States stokes the right-wing disinformation machine.
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Wolves are intelligent, closely bonded animals who play a vital role in nature. (Photo: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) Views
Trump Wants to Remove Federal Protections for Wolves: Idaho’s Example Shows Why This Is a Terrible Idea
There’s still time to speak out against national wolf delisting by adding your public comment by July 15
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Endangered Species Act Saves Vast Majority of Species Under Its Protection
Species are being saved from extinction, but the landmark protections are under attack by the Trump administration
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Gray wolf News
Issuing 'Death Sentence' to Gray Wolves, Trump Admin Moves to Gut Federal Protections
"By removing protections across the country, the Trump Administration is essentially abandoning all efforts to restore this iconic American species to millions of acres of wild habitat."
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Trump’s Wall an Ugly Scar Across Hot Zone of Biological Diversity
"Because Trump's border wall exists in his fevered imagination he cannot imagine that it has an impact on real, living beings. But the impact is profound, and deeply damaging."
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Voters back home — and now their new representatives in Congress — are seeing past the sheep’s clothing to the Wall Street wolves within.(Photo: Phillipp/cc/flickr) Views
No Labels and the ‘Problem Solvers’ are Wolves of Wall Street in Sheep’s Clothing
Political organizations hide their pro-finance politics under the cloak of bipartisanship while they rake in funding from corporate interests
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Lady Liberty getting arrested. "Being 'good'—kind and honest with those we touch directly—is admirable and desirable, but we need more," writes the author. "It's time to elevate another virtue: courage." (Democracy Spring - April 2016) Views
The Opposite of Evil Is No Longer Goodness
My point is simple. It's now time to focus on courage.
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An ocelot News
Challenge to Trump's Environmentally Disastrous Plan to 'Wreak Havoc Along the Border' Blocked by Supreme Court
'A human-made barrier on the scale of the proposed border wall would have a serious impact on animals,' conservation group had argued
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gray wolf News
'Final, Pathetic Stab' at Cherished Endangered Species as House GOP Votes to Strip Protections From Gray Wolves
Passage of the bill exemplifies "longstanding cruelty and contempt for our nation's wildlife."
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 ‘Most Americans have heard nothing of this ongoing clash in Congress, which has lasted for more than a year.’ (Photo: Hani Mohammed/AP) Views
When Will America Stop Participating in Yemen's Genocidal War?
Sooner or later, the Trump administration will be forced to withdraw from this war. But how many people will die before it happens?
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