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"The Trump administration has made it a priority to roll back the Clean Water Rule, which more clearly defined which kinds of bodies of water are subject to the Clean Water Act," writes Benesh. Views
Trump’s Toxic Wake: 10 Ways the EPA Has Made Life More Hazardous
The Trump EPA has aggressively worked to erode and eliminate vital environmental and public health protections.
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More Than Six Years After Flint Water Crisis Began, Michigan Officials Announce $600 Million Settlement for City Residents
"If this helps, good... But you can't buy back trust in government—or the water coming out of your faucet."
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Fisherman push their boat during low tide on oily mud in the river at Ogoniland's village of K-Dere, near Bodo, which is part of the Niger Delta region, on February 20, 2019. -Decades of oil spills has left the Ogoniland region in southern Nigeria an environmental disaster zone. (Photo: should read YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP via Getty Images) News
'Shell Must Not Get Away With This': Niger Delta Still Waiting for Big Oil to Clean Up Devastating Pollution
"After nine years of promises without proper action and decades of pollution, the people of Ogoniland are not only sick of dirty drinking water, oil-contaminated fish and toxic fumes. They are sick of waiting for justice, they are dying by the day."
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The decline of EPA enforcement that has already occurred should serve as a harbinger of what is to come if this new rule dictates which water the government chooses to protect.(Photo: pxfuel) Views
The EPA’s Dirty Water: New Rule Discards Science, Ignores Importance of Wetlands and Tributaries
The EPA's blatant dismissal of the importance of clean water, from tap water to wildlife, has alarmed scores of former federal scientists, environmental officials, and the heads of virtually every major scientific society.
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PFAS do not break down in the environment and bioaccumulate in the food chain. They are associated with birth defects and developmental damage to infants, the liver, kidneys and immune system, as well as cancer risk. (Photo: Getty) Views
EPA Is Abandoning Those Suffering From Toxic PFAS Pollution
Even as the scientific case for regulation grows clearer and more urgent every year, the EPA under President Trump delays and obfuscates.
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Earth Day’s laws have systematically failed to guard against mass species die-offs, the climate crisis, deadly air pollution, the corporatization of freshwater, and the largest loss of biodiversity in human history. (Photo: Bird’s eye view of wide-spread contamination in Lake Erie) Views
Abolish Earth Day
For 50 years, environmentalists have celebrated the illusion that the law is on their side.
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Ensuring access to water as a human right is crucial, especially given the number of localities across the United States grappling with privatized water during a public health emergency. (Photo: uusc4all/flickr/cc) Views
The Detroit Organizers Long Demanding Water Justice
As cities and states grapple with the spread of coronavirus, activists remind government why water is a human right and not a commodity.
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Sanders Takes Aim at Corporate Polluters With Bill to Clean Up Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in Drinking Water
"Congress must pass this legislation to put an end to corporate stonewalling and criminal behavior and tackle this public health crisis."
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Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, not only went against dollars and cents in pleasing his fellow polluters, he went against all scientific sense. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Views
EPA’s New Water Rule a Mockery of Science and the Clean Water Act
If the Trump administration’s own scientific advisory board, a host of biological societies, and scores of former government agency officials are disappointed, the rest of America should be fearful and angry.
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The Hoover Dam (Shutterstock) Views
The Looming U.S. Water Crisis
America is going through a water crisis, and we’re going to face even more dire times if it doesn’t begin to change soon.
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