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2020 Doomsday Clock News
'The Most Dangerous Situation That Humanity Has Ever Faced': Doomsday Clock Now 100 Seconds to Midnight
Citing the worsening nuclear threat and inaction on the climate crisis, scientists issue a historic warning about the risk of global catastrophe.
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Global evidence now shows environmental projects are more effective when gender considerations are taken into account. (Photo: COP25/EPA/Chema Moya) Views
Climate Conferences Are Male, Pale and Stale—It’s Time to Bring in Women
By supporting women at all levels, from the village to the global stage, this vital perspective can inform the creation of robust, sustainable and effective solutions to our climate crisis.
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The time to act, to educate, to build stronger movements, to scale up our best practices, to gain political power, is now. (Photo: Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images) Views
'We Need Total System Change': A Letter from Santiago, Chile
Without mass grassroots awareness and collective action, without a political revolution—the billionaires and corporations will destroy us all.
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US Denounced as 'Threat to Humanity' as COP25 Ends Without Deal on Big Polluters' Responsibility to Frontline Nations
" This year the masses mobilized, but our political leaders refused to rise above their own little agendas."
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In Final Hours, COP 25 Denounced as 'Utter Failure' as Deal Is Stripped of Ambition and US Refuses to Accept Liability for Climate Crisis
"The only thing more disastrous than the state of UN climate negotiations at COP 25 is the state of the global climate."
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Fridays for Future striker Vanessa Nakate of Uganda holds a placard reading "climate can't wait" during a protest on climate emergency, called by environmental groups including Extinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future, outside the U.N. Climate Change Conference COP25 at the 'IFEMA - Feria de Madrid' exhibition centre, in Madrid, on December 13, 2019. News
'We Are Furious': As COP 25 Draws to Close, Green Campaigners Fume as Rich Nations Move to Gut Paris Agreement
"Just as we thought the slow pace and weak ambition shown at the climate talks couldn't get worse, along comes COP 25."
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Greenpeace activists on Thursday wrap the E.U. summit venue in Brussels with images of giant flames, setting off clouds of smoke, flares and sounding a fire alarm to urge European government leaders to take immediate action to respond to the climate emergency. News
Decrying EU Proposal to Address Climate Crisis by 2050 as 'Too Little Too Late,' Greenpeace Activists Stage #HouseOnFire Demonstration
"The world is on fire and our governments are letting it burn."
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Meat sign News
Move Over, Peak Oil. Scientists Say 'Peak Livestock' Must Arrive This Decade to Limit Global Heating
"If the livestock sector were to continue with business as usual," experts warn, "this sector alone would account for 49% of the emissions budget for 1.5°C by 2030."
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The statement highlighted that this had never happened before in 25 years of negotiations, but yet, there “could be no better symbol of this crisis we face. People around the world are crying out for justice, and fighting oppression, while those in power attempt to shut us out.” (Photo: Theo C. Mouze via Twitter) Views
Outrage as UN Climate Talks Kick Out Civil Society, Not the Polluters
As we enter a decade that will define all the ones after it, we need to stand together against fossil fuel companies and the governments that prop them up—at the UNFCCC and everywhere.
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Young activists storm the stage at COP25 News
'We Are Unstoppable, Another World Is Possible!': Young Climate Activists Storm COP 25 Stage
Protesters with Fridays for Future demand world leaders at the global climate summit urgent address the planetary emergency.
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