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Climate change itself works against nuclear power; severe droughts have led to the shutting down of reactors as the surrounding waters become too warm to provide the vital cooling function. (Photo: Reinhard Marscha - Views
The False Promise of Nuclear Power
We must free ourselves from the false hope that a technology designed for ultimate destruction could be transmogrified into ultimate life-enhancement.
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"Strength Through Peace: How Demilitarization Led to Peace and Happiness in Costa Rica, and What the Rest of the World can Learn From a Tiny, Tropical Nation." (Photo: Sage Ross/flickr/cc) Views
Highly Recommended Books for 2019 Summer Reading
Ralph Nader's book recommendations
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A view of Akademik Lomonosov, a floating nuclear power unit, its hull painted at the Atomflot base; being part of a floating nuclear power station, the vessel belongs to a new class of energy sources based on Russian nuclear shipbuilding technologies. News
'Chernobyl on Ice': Nuclear Plant Barge Headed Across Arctic Circle
Shipment of nuclear plant across polar waters draws criticism
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Climate change isn’t just for policy makers—that there are things that you, Ms. or Mr. Everyday Person, can do! (Photo: NBC10) Views
Explosions! Floods! Cancer! What More Will It Take for Pa. to Ditch Fossil Fuels?
Let’s close the loop that started in 1859, and we’ll look back on June 21, 2019, not as a catastrophe but as the first day of Pennsylvania’s green and glorious new era
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I Oversaw the US Nuclear Power Industry. Now I Think It Should Be Banned.
The danger from climate change no longer outweighs the risks of nuclear accidents.
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nuclear power plant Views
Nuclear Power Is Not a Viable Solution for Green New Deal
It's too expensive, too dangerous and dirty, and takes too long to deploy
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Nuclear Abolition: The Road from Armageddon to Transformation
The nuclear abolition movement must link up with the many other social forces fighting for a better world.
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We've seen enough disasters due to bombs, nuclear weapons and nuclear power to know that we cannot afford any more. (Photo: Wikimedia / Creative Commons) Views
It’s Time to Ban Nukes for Good
“Use of any nuclear weapon, regardless of its killing power, could be catastrophically destabilizing."
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“Of all the many, many terrible things the Trump Administration is doing, opening space to war will be the most destructive.” (Photo: Noah Flora) Views
Trump’s Space Force: Military Profiteering’s Final Frontier
“The heavens are going to be littered with radioactive debris.”
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Don't Worry, Europe, Radioactive Cloud Likely From Russian Nuclear Plant Accident Deemed 'Harmless'
Ruthenium-106 was detected "in the atmosphere of the majority of European countries" beginning late September, French officials said
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