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Assange would face a politicized show trial in the United States if he were extradited to face 17 charges under the Espionage Act for his role in publishing classified military and diplomatic cables, documents and videos that exposed U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig) Views
What Is Happening to Assange Will Happen to the Rest of Us
The publication of classified documents is not yet a crime in the United States. If Assange is extradited and convicted, it will become one.
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A Syrian refugee hugs her children following their arrival on an overcrowded dinghy in rough sea on the Greek island of Lesbos, October 2, 2015 (Photo: Dimitris Michalakis/Reuters) Views
Child Suicide Is a Symptom of Our Traumatised World
The prevalence of psychological trauma among refugee youth should be an issue of utmost urgency for us all.
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Two of the most outspoken proponents of a more restrained U.S. foreign policy in the current House are Reps. Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Why House Democrats Passed Bills Reining in Trump’s War Machine
If Democrats continue to trend in this direction, they’ll finally be meeting voters where they are : seeking an end to forever wars, unconditional support for tyrannical governments, and blank checks for the military-industrial-complex.
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The U.S., after all, hasn’t won a major conflict since World War II, when it was aided by a grand alliance that included Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s godless communists. (Photo by Aurora Samperio/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Views
The Art of the Deal, Pentagon-Style
Wars without victories, weapons without end.
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Congressional hearings must be held and the Afghanistan War must end now. (Photo by Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images) Views
The Afghanistan Papers and a Mother's Question
We must stop the killing, take the trillions of dollars devoted to endless war and instead invest in our people, invest in our environment, and invest in our future.
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Embassy dedication ceremony. (Photo: CC) Views
Top 3 Ways America Has Been Deeply Wounded By Supporting Israel Lobbyists Like Jared Kushner
The ongoing human rights catastrophe provokes rage and provides grounds for political mobilization in the region.
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War is hell in all directions, and perhaps it’s time to question the sanity of trying to maneuver hell for your own advantage. (Photo: Mohammed Hamoud/Getty Images) Views
Maneuvering Hell for Our Advantage
Eighteen years on, we’re bombing Afghanistan more savagely than ever. We’ve already destroyed the country, but we can’t stop trying to save it.
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Defense Secretary Mark Esper, a former top executive at Raytheon, one of the nation’s largest defense contractors, was recognized as a top corporate lobbyist by the Hill newspaper two years in a row. (Photo: Staff Sgt. Nicole Meija/Joint Base Andrews/cc) Views
Endless War Is a Disastrous (But Profitable) Enterprise
Dollars pour in to the coffers of the Complex, no matter how many bombs are dropped on innocent civilians.
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"Instead of the joy-reducing and stressful reality of the status quo, we argue for well-run government programs that can and should improve our personal lives, our families' lives, our work lives, our lives as citizens, and—yes—our sex lives too." (Cartoon: Joey Perr/@Joey_Perr) Views
10 Reasons Sex Will Be Better With Bernie
Because we all get off better, when we are all doing better.
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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shares a laugh as he warms up before his baseball game field on August 19, 2019 in Dyersville, Iowa. (Photo: Joshua Lott/Getty Images) Views
With Bernie Sanders Now a Frontrunner, Corporate Media Smears Him as Trump-ish
Demonizing attacks will likely evolve, especially because the elite in both parties hates and fears Sanders so much that they would prefer Trump to Sanders.
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