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 If successful, Biden would be the third Senator who voted for George Bush's Iraq War to win the Democratic presidential nomination, following the unsuccessful candidacies of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Views
Foreign Policy—the Primary Debate’s Final Frontier
Biden may not suffer from living in the Washington bubble, but we will. We will suffer the casualties—domestic and foreign—resulting from the continual military interventions that come with out-of-control spending.
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With thousands of commandos operating —with little visibility—in scores of countries on any given day, it’s little wonder that discipline has eroded to a point where the command could neither fully gloss over nor cover it up. (Photo: AFP / Getty Images) Views
America’s Commandos Deployed to 141 Countries
What did they do and where did they do it?
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Protester’s sign decries sanctions, “a silent war” (Photo: Campaign for Peace and Democracy, 2013) Views
Stop Tightening the Thumb Screws, A Humanitarian Message
We need to jointly confront the coronavirus while constructing a humane future for the world without wasting time or resources on the continuation of brutal wars.
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12 Ways the US Invasion of Iraq Lives On in Infamy
The most serious consequences of the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq confirm what millions of people around the world warned about 17 years ago.
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More war is never a good answer, and it makes even less sense at this time. (Photo:  Erich Ferdinand/flickr/cc) Views
Social Distancing? Peace and Social Justice Demand More Coming Together, Not More Distancing
Let's get all US troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, make peace with Iran, and address the real threats to human security like pandemics and the climate crisis.
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The Iraqi parliament voted to require the prime minister to expel US troops from Iraq, but Trump refuses to leave. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
As Trump Stumbles in War on Coronavirus at Home, He Bombs Shiites in Shiite-Ruled Iraq
The Trump administration is now more or less forcibly occupying Iraq against the will of its elected representatives, and is waging a low intensity war on a section of the Iraqi military with which the US is supposed to be allied.
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We live in a dangerous and paradoxical world. (Photo: Banaras Khan/AFP via Getty Images) Views
War, Profit and the Coronavirus
If the possibility of a global pandemic is real, how could anyone question the urgency of government investment in the development of a vaccine and then making it universally available?
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A Bernie foreign policy would make the world a far better place. (Photo: Bernie Sanders/Facebook) Views
Everything Is Impossible Until It Happens—US Foreign Policy as Bernie’s Next Frontier
Sanders represents a foreign policy where the US does not lead by throwing around its military and economic might to the misfortune of Americans and others across the globe, but works in collaboration to create a more democratic and just world.
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Could a draft lead to fewer conflicts? And the answer to that is: possibly, but not certainly. (Photo: Reuters/file) Views
Would a Draft Matter?
The nature of the military that fights America’s forever wars.
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A U.S. soldier fires an anti-tank rocket during a live-fire exercise in Zabul province, Afghanistan, in July 2010. Views
End Bush's Stupid War Today
Since 2001, hardly a word of truth about Afghanistan has come out of Washington.
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