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"It’s hard not to conclude that the American government’s national security priorities have been so askew of reality that they left the country dramatically unprepared for an acute threat to millions of its people." (Photo: U.S. Army/flickr/cc) Views
War, Irony and the New Normal
The world devotes $2 trillion annually to war and armaments, all in the name of keeping itself safe. This is insanity beyond comprehension.
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Nationalism will only make a global pandemic worse. We are all in this together, and our foreign policies should reflect that. (Photo: via EuroYankee) Views
How Wars, Sanctions, and Militarism Made the Coronavirus Crisis Worse
As we take steps to control the virus, these devastating U.S. foreign policies need to be immediately reversed.
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Then, when the pandemic is over, let’s insist that the U.S. honor the UN Charter’s prohibition against the threat or use of force, which wise American leaders drafted and signed in 1945, and start living at peace with all our neighbors around the world. (Photo by Greg Wahl-Stephens/Getty Images) Views
UN Ceasefire Defines War As a Non-Essential Activity
If we can give up war during a pandemic, why can’t we just give it up altogether? In which devastated country would you like the U.S. to start fighting and killing again when the pandemic is over? Afghanistan? Yemen? Somalia? Or would you prefer a brand new U.S. war against Iran, Venezuela or...
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Pompeo rode his ample funding from the political action committee of the billionaire Koch brothers straight to the Hill. So linked was he to those fraternal right-wing energy tycoons and so protective of their interests that he was dubbed "the congressman from Koch." (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
Trump's Own Military "West Point Mafia"
"Courage never quits"?: The price of power and West Point’s class of 1986.
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The measures currently being imposed are unprecedented in their global scale and restrictions on liberties. (Photo: Jonathan McIntosh/cc/flickr) Views
The Surveillance Industry Won’t Save Us From Crises
Turning to the security industry isn’t the solution: it’s a symptom of the problem.
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We are now in the early stages of another world war, call it World War III, this time against the common enemy of pandemic. Views
We Need a Coronavirus Truce
International cooperation needs to take priority right now, and countries must stop their wars against one another and against their own populations.
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Former President George W. Bush sits at his desk in the Oval Office after addressing the nation about the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001. News
MSNBC Contributor Catches Heat for Claiming George W. Bush Didn't Politicize 9/11 'In Any Way'
"There is 9/11 whitewashing and memory-holing happening right now, and it's dangerous."
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The coronavirus pandemic, like the climate crisis, is not an accident, nor an act of God. Both of these existential threats have arisen out of a U.S. and global food, farming, energy, resource extraction, economic, militaristic “national security” and trading system that is degenerative, unethical, inequitable and as we see now, self-destructive. Views
Planet Coronavirus: Survival, Resistance and Regeneration
Hopefully, 2020 will be recorded in the history books as a time when we mobilized, as never before, to overcome a national and global emergency, and launched a long-overdue political and social revolution, a U.S. and global Green New Deal.
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Even now, palms can grasp palms, at least in spirit, across the borders that we can see, at last, are not real. (Photo: jotily/Getty Images) Views
The Virus Is Our Teacher
Self-protection means doing what we can to protect—and understand—everyone.
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Presidents now routinely request and Congress routinely appropriates more than a trillion dollars annually to satisfy the national security state’s supposed needs. (Photo: sleuthjournal) Views
Judgment Day for the National Security State
The coronavirus and the real threats to American safety and freedom.
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