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Why does it take a pandemic to get the world to stop fighting? Are we being led by 3-year-olds?  (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Can We Achieve Nuclear Adulthood?
Half the money the world spends on militarism—including nukes —every year is hemorrhaged by the United States of America.
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As of May 1, there were 7,145 cases of COVID-19 in the US military, with more falling sick every day.  (Photo: Military Times/DoD) Views
Trump Must Choose Between a Global Ceasefire and America's Long Lost Wars
Trump has so far spurned this chance to make good on his promise to bring U.S. troops home, even as his lost wars and ill-defined global military occupation expose thousands of troops to the Covid-19 virus.
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Eugene Debs delivering a speech in Chicago in 1912. "I can see the dawn of the better day for humanity," the famous socialist leader once said. "The people are awakening. In due time they will and must come to their own." (Photo: Wikipedia) Views
Romance Is the New Realism: Eugene Debs and the Age of Corona
In this pandemic-era, it has become increasingly clear that we are only as healthy as the least insured—hence the poorest—in our society.
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The U.S. military cannot fight a pandemic. It is not a war, it's a public health crisis. And this isn't the only threat that has a global scope. Our federal budget priorities need to reflect that reality by investing in the agencies and programs that can actually help keep us healthy and safe.  (Image: ACLU) Views
As Global Military Spending Hits Nearly $2 Trillion, These Weapons Are Useless Against Biggest Threats We Face
As the leading military spender, the U.S. has an important leadership role to play in transitioning the world away from military spending and towards spending public funds on things that actually build more resilient communities.
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Still, historically speaking, killing Afghans or Iraqis or Syrians or Yemenis or Somalis has always been one thing, but Americans? That’s another story entirely, no? (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Views
The Killer-in-Chief
In Covid-19 America, we are all now potential Suleimanis.
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A volunteer carries an injured youth to a hospital following a bomb blast in Haska Mina district of Nangarhar Province on October 18, 2019. News
US-Backed Forces Killed Twice as Many Children as Taliban and ISIS Did During 1st Quarter of 2020
The new quarterly report on casualties comes a month after U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres called for a global ceasefire amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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When you launch an elective, aggressive war of choice, you aren’t a war president, just a war criminal. (Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/via Getty Images) Views
Trump Failed to Vanquish Coronavirus With Hot Air, Now Wants to "Shoot Down" Tiny Iranian Skiffs
What Trump was advising would be a war crime, since Iranian boats that haven’t actually fired on or harmed US vessels have a right to be on the high seas, and interfering in that right to the point of termination with extreme prejudice is illegal.
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(Photo: flickr / cc / The Accidental Photographer) Views
Moral Injury and the Pandemic of Violence
People still need help for more than just COVID-19. The blowback of our wars is still with us, complicating the present moment.
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To many around the world, we appear dangerously disoriented, eager to spend mind-boggling amounts of money to fight distant and half-imagined military threat, but not so interested in saving lives here and now.  (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Our Response to the Coronavirus Demonstrates How Far America Has Careened Off Track
We can’t make the masks we need, but we pour billions into an unnecessary military build-up.
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As physicians and health practitioners we have warned for decades about the existential threats of nuclear war and climate change and vulnerability to global pandemics. (Photo: Scott Howe/DVIDS) Views
Budgets Are Moral Documents: Nuclear Weapons Funding and COVID-19 Response
We are one interconnected human family on this planet and at long last, it is time to recognize this fact. The cessation of funding and elimination of nuclear weapons would be a good-faith step in recognizing this reality.
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