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Taliban members gathered under a tree in March in Alingar District of Laghman Province, Afghanistan. Views
NYT Erases US Occupation's Role in Prolonging Taliban Insurgency
The Times also demonstrates a commitment to the propagandistic narrative of the "War on Terror."
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 Estimates of the number of civilians killed in the current war against terrorism, now in its 19th year, range from hundreds of thousands to over 2 million. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ro Khanna Introduce Bill to Increase Military Accountability for Civilian Casualties
Since waging the world’s only nuclear war at the end of World War II, the United States military has killed more foreign civilians than any other armed force on the planet, by far.
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Money entrusted to the Pentagon and a vast array of military contractors must be spent to meet human needs. (Photo: David B. Gleason/Flickr/cc) Views
Weapons That Protect White Privilege Prevent Sustainable Community Change
Reflections on weapons and systems white people use to protect their white privilege, recalling that Dr. King likened U.S. wars to "some demonic destructive suction tube."
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After all, the efforts of both sides to deepen their ties with the military-industrial complex and increase their sway in Congress have ensured that the real interests of this country played second fiddle to those of Middle Eastern despots. Certainly, their acts helped ensure near historic levels of arms sales to the region, while prolonging the wars in Yemen andSyria, and so contributing to death and devastation on an almost unimaginable scale. (Photo: Campaign Against Arms Trade/Flickr/cc) Views
How the Saudis, the Qataris, and the Emiratis Took Washington
A monumental lobbying battle over American foreign policy.
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When military "battle rattle" becomes the standard gear for street cops, should we be that surprised to hear the death rattle of black men like George Floyd? (Photo:  Apu GOMES / AFP via Getty Images) Views
'Light Em Up': Warrior Cops When the Wars Come Home
America’s forever wars in distant lands have now come home.
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Meeting violence with violence is wrong they say. Yet, many of these same people also believe that kneeling for a song to be the wrong type of protest. (Photo: Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Views
Stop the Violence, Stop the Looting
A good place to start would be at the very top of American society.
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The only thing missing in Trump’s photo was his white hood. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Keep the Good Book Closed, Trump Says. We Say, Open It and Resist!
The churches needs to send the racist president, the Republican party, the One Percent, the warmakers and all racist supporters of the unjust status quo the holy message that Christians across the board reject their violence.
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Beyond the gear and surveillance, however, perhaps the most damaging effect of war on terror-encouraged police militarization is psychological. It pushes police officers engaging with the public to behave as they look, to act like soldiers dealing with enemy combatants. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) Views
How Endless War Contributes to Police Brutality
Police officers are explicitly trained to conceive of themselves as warriors in battle, always on high alert and prepared to kill.
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A woman holding her child looks at US soldier from the 4th Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment securing her house during a house to house assessment mission in Baghdad, 09 January 2008. (Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Americans Have Long Ignored Iraqis—Now Is the Perfect Time to Connect With Their Stories
The coronavirus pandemic has made brilliant Iraqi occupation literature relatable for the first time to a wider American public living in quarantine.
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 The spread of Covid-19 has offered a rare opportunity to raise questions, challenge frameworks, and critically consider what “ending” war might even mean for this country.(Photo:  Erich Ferdinand/flickr/cc) Views
The Coming of a Social-Distancing Version of War
The future of forever war, American-style.
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