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US Border Patrol Denounced as 'Rogue Agency' for Using Predator Drone to Spy on Minneapolis Protests
"This is what happens when leaders sign blank check after blank check to militarize police, CBP, etc while letting violence go unchecked."
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Passersby walk under a surveillance camera which is part of facial recognition technology test at Berlin Suedkreuz station on August 3, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. News
'The Public Has a Right to Know': ACLU Sues DHS to Expose Secretive Use of Facial Recognition Technology
"This unregulated surveillance technology threatens to fundamentally alter our free society and is in urgent need of democratic oversight."
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ICE agents stage a raid to arrest an undocumented immigrant in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn on April 11, 2018 in New York City. News
'These are the Bad Times': Trump to Deploy Heavily Armed Border Patrol Tactical Units to Help With Immigration Arrests in Sanctuary Cities
"It is unbelievable how much this action will undermine public safety. Unbelievable."
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What Happens When a Person Is Deported?
A new guide provides resources to help those being returned to their countries of origin.
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There was already strong reason to question CBP’s denials, given the mounting and consistent reports that border officers were, in fact, targeting travelers of Iranian heritage returning to Washington state from Canada. (Photo: CBP/Flickr) Views
CBP Lied About Iranian-American Detentions, Leaked Memo Suggests
If this memo is authentic, CBP has been caught in a lie.
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Shoes are left by people at the Tornillo Port of Entry near El Paso, Texas, June 21, 2018 during a protest rally by several American mayors against the US administration's family separation policy. News
'Let Her In': Outrage Swirls After Six-Year-Old Girl With Downs Syndrome and Heart Condition Turned Away at US Border
"Every child has a right to safety, protection, and future."
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The wall will not curb their principal business of smuggling and the Trump administration’s new immigration policies have turned what was formerly a minor sideline—kidnapping people for ransom—into a growth industry.(Photo: qbac07/Flickr/cc) Views
The Humanitarian and Environmental Disaster of Trump’s Border Wall
Making America great again in a new wild west.
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"We Were All Told to Do This": US Border Officer Uses Nuremberg Defense to Explain Involvement in Separating Families
"Ah, so he was just doing his job? Where have we heard that defense before?"
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The public has a right to know how these teams operate, how their officers are trained, and whether the guidelines that govern their activities contain civil liberties and privacy safeguards. (Photo: CBP/flickr) Views
A Secret CBP Team Is Targeting and Detaining Innocent Travelers. We’re Suing.
For too long, the government has acted as if it has carte blanche at the border. No more.
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Customs and Border Patrol agents at the Scripps-Mercy Hospital in Chula Vista, California with a child carrier. News
Outraged Response Forces US Border Patrol to Allow 19-Year-Old Mother to Stay With Sick Newborn
"If this is what happens when a group of attorneys and reporters are looking, imagine what happens when they are not."
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