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"I’m optimistic. Trump’s policies are not working. The U.S. will have to change, and the change will be for the best." (Photo: CC) Views
Trump’s Desperate, Last-Ditch Effort to Hike Tensions with Iran
This might be the final stretch for his failed policy of 'maximum pressure.'
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Why We Will Win the Fight to Cut the Pentagon Budget
Coupled with a possible shift to Democratic governance, major public support, and a fired up progressive movement, our moment to win is upon us.
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The blue backpacks stand for each one of the children killed in the Saudi bombing attack on a school bus. They used a 500 pound bomb manufactured by Lockheed-Martin. Views
Yemen: A Torrent of Suffering in a Time of Siege
It’s time for the world to demand an end to the policy-driven humanitarian crisis.
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Afghan villagers sit on the back of a vehicle carrying dead bodies to a hospital following an airstrike, in Lashkar Gah the capital of Helmand province on September 23, 2019. Afghanistan is investigating reports that 40 civilians, including children, were killed in the airstrike during a wedding celebration in southern Helmand province, officials said on September 23. (Photo: Noor Mohammad/AFP/Getty Images) Views
The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of the US Condemning an Afghan Air Strike
No matter the administration in Washginton, impunity and lack of accountability have been constants in the so-called War on Terror.
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As Trump’s prospects for re-election fade, a dangerous stage has been set for conflict in the months ahead. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Views
The Beginning of the U.S.-Iran Hot War?
President Trump remains committed to escalating against Iran even as the U.S. battles a worsening pandemic, an economic depression, and internal discord not seen in decades.
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Call of Duty Views
How Our Endless Wars Have Pushed the US Military to Court Young Gamers
The six games the U.S. Army Esports team fields are among the most popular in the world.
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Federal officers walk through tear gas while dispersing a crowd of about a thousand people during a protest on July 21, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. (Photo: Nathan Howard/Getty Images) Views
First the National Security State Surged Baghdad, Now It Is Surging Portland and Seattle
This time the surge troops are playing ISIL, attempting to provoke urban crowds so as to allow Trump to posture as the law and order president and the great white hope for saving the suburbs.
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The Trump administration attempted to employ a never-before-used provision of the USA PATRIOT Act to indefinitely detain Adham Hassoun, who has been released to an undisclosed country. News
ACLU Says Release of Adham Hassoun Confirms US Government Lacks Power to 'Lock Someone Up Without Due Process'
"The government's claim that it could imprison Mr. Hassoun indefinitely without any court looking into the facts is both deeply authoritarian and fundamentally unconstitutional."
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Democratic senator and Presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks with U.S. Marine generals before a development meeting between Iraqi and American government officials and Sunni sheikhs September 6, 2007 in Ramadi, Anbar Province, Iraq. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images) Views
King Joe and the Round Table: Biden's America in a Multipolar World
Unfortunately, Biden's past loyalty to military-industrial interests does not bode well for the kind of leadership we need, and which we have not seen from any U.S. president of this generation. We must demand better.
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May we choose another way. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue/cc/flickr) Views
Time to Stop Bankrolling War and the Wealthy
The poetry of a movement to change this country.
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