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Donald Trump has clearly met that standard. He is the nightmare the Founders dreaded. (Photo: WorkingFamiliesParty) Views
Unequal Justice: Democrats Go Surgical and Small on Impeachment
The Trump articles comprise a narrative of corruption, and on close inspection may not be as constrained as they appear at first glance.
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Copies of the "Mueller Report" printed by the US Government Publishing Office are seen at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on April 24, 2019. Views
We Need Evidence-Based Decision Making
Read and react to the Mueller Report —or you will be sorry.
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who President Trump announced Thursday would soon be leaving her position as White House press secretary, said that she hoped her legacy would be as a person who was, "transparent and honest throughout that process" and did "everything I could to make America a little better that day than it was the day before." Views
"Not Founded On Anything": The Epitaph for the Sarah Huckabee Sanders Era
The now infamous phrase points to how the Trump administration has embraced a cruel, cynical, nihilistic worldview rooted in nothing but the quest to obtain and maintain power in the service of personal gain
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Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, then the White House Deputy Press Secretary, answers questions at the press briefing on Thursday, May 11, 2017 about President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey. News
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, A Liar, to Resign as White House Press Secretary
"Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the White House so she can spend more time with her lies."
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Warren, Sanders Lead Calls for Immediate Impeachment Hearings After Trump Says He Would Welcome Dirt From Foreign Power in 2020
"We have a president who thinks he is above the law. The House should immediately begin impeachment inquiries," said Sen. Bernie Sanders
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Sticks and Stones: GOP Says Dems Can't Call Lying Power-Abusing Crook, Conman, Bigot and Demagogue A Lying Power-Abusing Crook, Conman, Bigot and Demagogue
Photo by Marlene Awaad/Bloomberg News. Front photo by Reuters Poor little fragile Donnie. Seems the Sociopathic Snowflake who spends his days and nights trash-talking... everyone... is so afraid of mean Democrats saying anything bad about him at Monday's House hearing on his multifarious...
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Impeach Trump day of action image News
#ImpeachTrump Day of Action Announced Because "It Is Clear That Congress Won't Act Unless We Demand It"
Nationwide actions set for June 15
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 What evidence can be presented to a polarized electorate to legitimize the results? (Photo: CHUCK BURTON / ASSOCIATED PRESS) Views
America Is Missing Its Chance to Fix Our Election System Before We Vote in 2020
As many legislatures adjourn, few improve their recount and audit laws
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Enough Hesitation, House: Impeach
Ben Franklin would tell Trump to go fly a kite
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Pelosi too boldly declares that Trump is the democratically elected President. (Photo: Charlie Neibergall / AP) Views
Trump, Impeachment, and the Question of Democratic Legitimacy
To allow Trump to continue to act as if he has legitimacy is simply to continue to legitimatize him and his party
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