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Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) listens to Michael Cohen, former attorney and fixer for President Donald Trump, testify before the House Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill February 27, 2019. News
Liz Cheney and Right-Wing Outrage Machine Lie About Rashida Tlaib's Comments. Corporate Media—and Trump—Do the Rest
"This is another transparent attempt to sow division between minority communities and distract from your own criminal behavior by smearing a Muslim woman."
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Trump Condemned for Sharing Video Calling Ilhan Omar 'Dangerous Anti-Semite,' As Jewish Allies Come to Her Defense
"It's rather uncontroversial to suggest that Stephen Miller has white nationalist politics. But when Ilhan Omar says it, it's somehow anti-Semitic?"
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White Nationalism, Born in the USA, Is Now a Global Terror Threat
The recent massacre of 50 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand is the latest confirmation that white supremacy is a danger to democratic societies across the globe . Despite President Donald Trump’s suggestion that white nationalist terrorism is not a major problem ,...
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Tucker Carlson. (Gage Skidmore / Flickr)(CC BY-SA 2.0) Views
Why Isn’t Tucker Carlson's Hate Speech a Deal-Breaker?
In Trump’s America morality has been distorted and hate continues to have a place on television and in the White House—until the nation chooses another way
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No one can deny that Omar has endured a great deal of hateful Islamophobia. (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP) Views
The Slandering of Ilhan Omar
"As if her words have anything to do with the rising white supremacy that actually endangers Jews."
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Public Rebuke of Ilhan Omar for Substantive Critique of Israeli Policy a 'Disgrace,' Say Progressives
"Instead of throwing her under the bus, Democratic leadership should have Rep. Omar's back in pushing back against increasingly dangerous attacks and threats from the far right."
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Trump has long supported Steve King. (Photo: Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0) Views
Steve King Stands for Everything MLK Fought Against
On this 90th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, let’s recommit to the eradication of racism and bigotry
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Trump picked up Bolton for the post of national security adviser from the Gatestone Institute, a known hate group dedicated to spreading disinformation about Muslims and Islam, which he chaired. (Photo: Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images) Views
Who’s Running John Bolton to Start a War With Iran? He Worried Even Mad Dog Mattis
Bolton has been agitating for a war on Iran for two decades
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This timeline illustrates how some of the most outward-looking presidents, men who insisted that the prosperity of the nation was inseparable from the prosperity of the world, also presided over the erection of a deadly run of border barriers, be they called fences or walls, that would come to separate the United States from Mexico.(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Views
How Not to Build a “Great, Great Wall”
A timeline of border fortification
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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) News
Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Is Running for President With Focus on 'War and Peace'
While Gabbard backs key progressive domestic proposals like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal, her foreign policy has provoked some alarm
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