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It has never been about whether the US could afford a progressive program; it has always been about whether the elite wanted to or were forced to fund it. It is an issue of political will, apparently, not economic means. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Views
How Are We Going to Pay for It?
We will either have democratic socialism or we will continue to socialize suffering.
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Our weak public health, education, child care, and unemployment benefits, among other things, left the nation one crisis away from bringing down the entire economy. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
A Trillion in Prevention
Our economy was never as strong for working people as the numbers made it look. As we prepare to spend trillions on this crisis, let’s invest in changing that.
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Americans, like people in many countries, hold onto oddly inaccurate nostalgia about how war brings us together as a nation. (Photo: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images) Views
Why 'Waging War' on Coronavirus Is a Dangerous Metaphor
Wars are used as excuses for dismissing concerns for justice or human rights, claiming that these concerns are distractions from the "real" mission.
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Moderate voters don’t necessarily want a President who takes unpopular positions. They want someone who can reassure Wall Street and stop this nightmare we are all living through. (Photo: Common Dreams / CC BY 3.0) Views
COVID-19 Pandemic Shows That We Don't Need Return to Normalcy—We Need President Bernie Sanders
Middle America: What happened to the revolution?
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As Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes Failures in US, Social Democratic Nordic Countries Again Deemed World's Happiest
"Even in less happy times, high societal trust, caring for each other and investment in well-being remain important cornerstones in our society."
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Five Americans Living in Social Democratic Norway Explain Why Bernie Sanders Is So Appealing
We had to live in such a society before we could believe that it was possible. Here's what we discovered.
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Voters who waited absurdly long hours in line to cast their ballots, or even would-be voters who were unable to vote. I wonder how Sanders did among these categories? (Photo: Ringo Chiu/AFP via Getty Images) Views
The True Meaning of Super Tuesday
We are not yet the nation we are struggling to become, but the Sanders campaign, however it fares in 2020, is helping to shape that future. It’s doing so one voter at a time, whether or not their vote is counted.
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'Just Rich People vs Everyone Else at This Point': Bloomberg Backer Judge Judy—Worth $440 Million—Tells Sanders Supporters to 'Grow Up'
Multi-millionaire TV star stumps for multi-billionaire presidential candidate on MSNBC.
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A Pew Center poll in December 2011 reported that younger people were more favorable  toward socialism than capitalism. (Photo: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images) Views
A Moral Flaw in the Process of Capitalist Economics
If we cherish political democracy as a fundamental principle in our country, then we must adhere to a form of economic democracy as well.
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 "Bernie Sanders presents the clearest alternative to Trump." (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Views
At the Epicenter of Super Tuesday, the Sanders Coalition Is Set to Shake the Political World
Make no mistake about it: The bulk of powerful corporate media and entrenched corporate Democrats will do all they can to prevent the nominee from being Sanders.
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