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While some people are undoubtedly upset by the CPB getting $75 million, Boeing is getting more than ten times as much money from the rescue package. Views
The Relative Generosity of the Economic Rescue Package: Boeing and Public Broadcasting
Being the empathetic crew they are, Trump and the Republicans rushed to set aside a nice chunk of taxpayer dollars for Boeing in their big corporate slush fund.
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'If You Are Wondering Who Benefits': Weapons Makers See Stocks Surge as Trump Moves Closer to War With Iran
"Stocks for weapons manufacturers began to rise as soon as Soleimani was killed," said Rep. Ro Khanna.
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These reckless marketeers are able to get away with this because Congress and the White House have disabled the FAA and turned it from a safety watchdog into an industry lapdog, leaving Boeing free to self-certify its planes. (Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) Views
Boeing’s Perilous Bungling Requires New Leadership
Boeing has displayed an egregious pattern of mismanagement.
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Family members of those who died aboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 hold photographs of their loved ones as Dennis Muilenburg (R), President and CEO of the Boeing Company, and John Hamilton (L), Vice President and Chief Engineer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, testify at a hearing in front of congressional lawmakers on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on October 30, 2019. Views
Buffeting Boeing CEO’s Rope-a-Dope in Congress
This past week, Boeing’s deadly 737 MAX crashes were the focus of two back-to-back hearings – one in the Senate and one in the House. In the House Transportation Committee hearing, at least 50 Democrats and Republicans criticized Dennis Muilenburg’s mismanagement and implied criminal negligence...
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A Boeing 737 MAX 8 airliner lifts off for its first flight on January 29, 2016 in Renton, Washington. (Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) Views
It Is Time to Haul Boeing Executives Before Congress to Testify Under Oath
With the Boeing 737 MAX still grounded, there may not be a better opportunity to get answers to the most crucial questions
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FAA’s Boeing-Biased Officials: Recuse Yourselves or Resign
"Boeing is used to getting its way. Its grip on Congress—where 300 members take campaign cash from Boeing—is legendary."
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"I'm expecting a gold watch from Boeing at the end of my presidency because I know I’m on the list of top salesmen at Boeing." (Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) Views
Boeing, Obama, a Gold Watch, and 346 Dead
During his time as President of the United States, Barack Obama promoted the sale of Boeing planes—including the 737 Max 8 planes—around the world
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Michael Stumo and Nadia Milleron, parents of Ethiopian Air crash victim Samya Stumo, hold signs as they listen to testimony during a hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee's Aviation Subcommittee about the Boeing 737 MAX airplane in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill May 15, 2019 in Washington, DC. The Department of Transportation is investigating the process that certified the airplane, which has been grounded since it was involved in two fatal crashes, killing 346 Views
Blaming Dead Pilots Brought to You by Boeing
Why would they do this? To shift the blame. After all, there is an active criminal investigation focused directly on Boeing and the responsible executives.
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Pro-choice protesters in Chicago, July 2018. News
Despite Inclusive Rhetoric, Corporations Back Extremist State Legislators Waging War on Women
"In their corporate literature, these companies present themselves as champions of women and gender equality. But they have collectively donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians seeking to roll back reproductive rights."
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Daniel Ellsberg Views
The Truth-Teller: From the Pentagon Papers to the Doomsday Machine
Daniel Ellsberg discusses the continuing existential threat posed by the military-industrial complex
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