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"I’m optimistic. Trump’s policies are not working. The U.S. will have to change, and the change will be for the best." (Photo: CC) Views
Trump’s Desperate, Last-Ditch Effort to Hike Tensions with Iran
This might be the final stretch for his failed policy of 'maximum pressure.'
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Why We Will Win the Fight to Cut the Pentagon Budget
Coupled with a possible shift to Democratic governance, major public support, and a fired up progressive movement, our moment to win is upon us.
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When looking at the possible death of democracy in the United States, for me the question is no longer, “Can it happen here?” The question is, “What are we going to do to about it?” (Photo: Nathan Howard/Getty Images) Views
Death of America's Democracy?
We should not fool ourselves: It could happen here.
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U.S. border communities have long understood the cruel capacity and impunity of this rogue agency. (Photo: Dave Killen/The Oregonian/AP) Views
Border Patrol Violently Assaults Civil Rights and Liberties
Ending Border Patrol’s long-standing abuses and impunity requires divestment, accountability, and removing the agency from U.S. communities.
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Guns are the speech of the inarticulate. (Photo:  Apu GOMES / AFP via Getty Images) Views
Standing Up to the Armed and Inarticulate
American fascism is always a force waiting to be born.
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This moment calls on us to relinquish social control and ramp up our commitment to social investment. (Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Time to Invest in Affordable Housing and Education, Not Tear Gas, Batons, and State-Sanctioned Murder
It’s time to defund the police, and invest in communities. We have no time to waste.
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May we choose another way. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue/cc/flickr) Views
Time to Stop Bankrolling War and the Wealthy
The poetry of a movement to change this country.
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The Pentagon budget is more than 100 times the budget of the Centers for Disease Control. (Photo by NurPhoto/Corbis via Getty Images) Views
Americans Overwhelmingly Support Cutting the Pentagon to Support Our Real Needs
A 10 percent cut to the Pentagon could come from a multitude of places, including: ending our never-ending wars in the Middle East, reducing our reliance on nuclear weapons, and turning off the spigot to arms contractors.
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The Navy’s plans to replace large manned vessels with small, unmanned ones was only accelerated by the outbreak of the pandemic. (Photo: US Navy/DoD) Views
A World of "Killer Robots" But Not "National Security"
The Pentagon confronts the pandemic.
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An all-encompassing expression of goodwill in the form of a New Good Neighbor Policy will meet resistance from vested economic and military interests, as well as those persuaded by racist arguments.(Photo: CC) Views
Long Overdue for Latin America: A New "Good Neighbor Policy"
Instead of continuing down this imperial path of endless confrontation, U.S. policymakers need to stop, recalibrate, and design an entirely new approach to inter-American relations.
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