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We owe it to workers and animals to make this crucial, commonsense change. (Photo: Ross William Hamilton/The Oregonian) Views
The Case for a New Technology to Help Slaughterhouse Workers
While the meat industry is receiving its massive $16 billion federal COVID-19 bailout, the USDA and Congress should also enact policies and allocate funds that would phase out archaic electrical slaughter methods in favor of CAS.
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With Nation Focused on Pandemic, Trump Interior Dept. to Greenlight Killing of Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups in Their Dens
"Killing has no place in our National Wildlife Refuges."
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Hens rescued by Animal Place await transportation to the group's California facility. News
As Millions of Factory Farmed Animals Sent to Mass Slaughter, These 'Lucky 1,000' Chickens Rescued
"We must critically examine and dismantle the country's unsustainable and unethical meat production pipeline."
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In the midst of this pandemic, we must do everything possible to spare millions of animals from unnecessary suffering and death. (Photo: Peakpx) Views
Rather Than Cull Millions of Livestock, Let’s End Animal Agriculture
In the long term, we must not waste this opportunity to start mending our broken relationship with animals. This begins with the end of factory farming and the redirection of all government relief and future subsidies towards plant-based agriculture and food processing.
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Piglets like these ones pictured are being slaughtered en masse around the country as food supply chains run into trouble. News
Millions of Pigs and Chickens in US Factory Farms Face Cruel Deaths as Covid-19 Sparks Mass Cullings
"Plants that don't treat animals well often don't treat workers well."
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We must overhaul this system that treats animals like widgets rather than the sentient beings they are. (Photo: KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images) Views
As Slaughterhouses Shut Down Across the Country, Animals Are at Risk of On Farm Mass Slaughter
Slaughterhouses are clearly a weak link in the food system and pose serious threats to our health, especially during a pandemic. But as plants shut down, we must also consider the fate of the millions of animals who had been scheduled for slaughter.
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Without 'Transformative Change' to Global Economic Systems, Humans Risk Causing More Deadly Pandemics
"There is a single species that is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic—us... We have a small window of opportunity, in overcoming the challenges of the current crisis, to avoid sowing the seeds of future ones."
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A piglet looks out from its enclosure. (Photo: Kevin/flickr/cc) Views
What We Choose to Eat Has Everything to Do With This Pandemic—and the Next One
COVID-19, the environment, and animal suffering all point to the same conclusion
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Now Is the Time to End the Oppression of Nonhuman Animals
At this tragic moment in history, circumstances are crying out for policies and legislation that will rapidly promote the development of a global, plant-based food system.
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Food Safety Groups Warn of Looming Zoonotic Pandemic, Blast USDA's New Slaughter Plant Regulation
"Self-regulation when it comes to animal movement, slaughter, and meat inspection is bad news."
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