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Protesters march with a banner during a demonstration in Manchester, United Kingdom on September 1, 2020. Views
9 Skillful Struggles Happening Right Now
Learn some lessons from these nonviolent struggles around the world working to bring justice, equity and change to their communities.
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A police officer stands by as a campaigner against a third runway at Heathrow Airport holds a placard in front of paint thrown by another protester at the Supreme Court in London on December 16, 2020 after the verdict on a legal challenge to the proposed runway. (Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP via Getty Images) News
Campaigners Outraged After Top UK Court Overturns Ban on 'Climate-Wrecking' Third Runway at Heathrow
"It's time to take our demand straight to the government—it can still change its plans for Heathrow expansion," says Friends of the Earth.
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A woman looks at the destruction in Haulover in the Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region, Nicaragua, on November 28, 2020, days after the passage of Hurricane Iota. (Photo: Inti Ocon/AFP via Getty Images) News
As World Teeters on Brink, Over 250 Scientists and Scholars Warn of Full-Fledged 'Societal Collapse'
"It is time to invite each other into difficult conversations, so we can reduce our complicity in the harm, and be creative to make the best of a turbulent future."
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Amid banners that read, "5 Crooks Control Our News" and "Free the Truth," campaigners with Extinction Rebellion UK blocked delivery trucks belonging to Rupert Murdoch's News UK in the early morning of Saturday, Sept. 5, 2020. (Photo: @XRebellionUK) News
'We Need a Free Press But Do Not Have It': UK Climate Campaigners Defend Blockade of Murdoch's Destructive Media Empire
The real story, according to Extinction Rebellion UK, is that humanity is facing "an emergency of unprecedented scale and the papers we have targeted are not reflecting the scale and urgency of what is happening to our planet."
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Protesters march with a banner during a demonstration in Manchester, United Kingdom on September 1, 2020. The Northern Rebellion, which is part of the Extinction Rebellion movement, took to the streets for a multi-day action under the slogan "We Want To Live." (Photo: Andy Barton/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) News
#WeWantToLive: Extinction Rebellion Launches Fresh Wave of UK Protests Demanding Climate Action
"The failure to act on this issue will have a catastrophic impact on the future of us and the generations to come."
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Members of a new climate movement, Ocean Rebellion, protest in the United Kingdom's Falmouth Harbor by projecting slogans on the bow of the cruise ship named The World. News
Extinction Rebellion Activists Launch Ocean-Focused Offshoot With Direct Actions Targeting Luxury Cruise Liner
The group aims to "address cascading collapses in biodiversity due to overfishing, human-caused climate change, deep sea mining, and other marine emergencies."
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The sun goes down behind chimneys at a coal plant in Duisburg, Germany on June 28, 2019. (Photo: Marcel Kusch/dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images) News
Humanity on Track to Soon Hit 1.5ºC Paris Accord Limit as Atmospheric CO2 Nears Level Not Seen in 15 Million Years
"It's still not too late to avoid the worst effects of the #ClimateEmergency. But governments need to act NOW," tweeted Greenpeace.
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About 30 protesters gathered outside Royal Dutch Shell's headquarters in The Hague Tuesday to declare that the oil giant "must fall." News
'Shell Must Fall,' Climate Activists Declare at Oil Giant's Headquarters During Shareholders Meeting
"At shareholders meetings like this, money is the only priority—even if it is at the expense of integrity, people's lives, and the climate."
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The climate advocacy movement Extinction Rebellion on Monday filled up Trafalgar Square in London with more than 2,000 children's shoes. News
'One Crisis Doesn't Stop Because Another Starts': 2,000+ Kids' Shoes Form Climate/Covid Protest in London
"Many young people feel suffocated by fear of what is to come," says an Extinction Rebellion Youth activist, "and now with this pandemic maybe others will start to understand our fear for the future."
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An Italian Carabinieri officer, wearing a respiratory mask, stands guard at a road block on April 10, 2020 in Milan, Italy. News
Milan's Plan to Limit Cars After COVID-19 Lockdown Lauded as 'Excellent Example of #BuildBackBetter'
"Of course, we want to reopen the economy, but we think we should do it on a different basis from before."
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