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The report is being prepared by experts from a diverse array of countries and institutions, including from the United States. (Photo: IISD) Views
Understanding 1.5°C: The IPCC’s Forthcoming Special Report
The latest scientific literature has only underscored the urgent need for action to limit the heat-trapping emissions that are fueling climate change
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Now is our chance to defend — not lose — the Earth.(Photo: Christopher Michel/Flickr/cc) Views
Writing a New Chapter, Not an Obituary, for the Planet
A recent New York Times Magazine article suggests action to address climate change is futile
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A Reflection on COP23: Incremental Progress but No Industrialized Country’s Top Priority
Another year passes as nature responds ever-more furiously to the lack of progress.
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As COP23 Closes, Climate Movement Calls for Ambition 'That Science and Justice Demand'
"We confront a mortal threat, now endangering the very existence of island and low-lying nations in the Pacific and around the planet. Accordingly, ambition must be increased and enforced," says James Hansen
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