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Where There's Smock There's Covfefe
The great, loud, illiterate pretender. Getty Images. Laughter Is the Best Medicine Followed By Impeachment and Jail Time Dept: A terrible no good day for our spectacularly inept, perilously insecure "president" for whom mockery is the ultimate threat. First, his peeps were l aughed/shamed off the...
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The Camp Fire—so-named because it started near Camp Creek Road near Pulga, a former ghost town turned artist enclave—has forever changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. (Photo: Pixabay/CC0) Views
By Accident of Fate: The Fires in Paradise
We cannot sit idly by hoping government will save us from ourselves (or them).
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"In the two months since our first action, we have expanded more than we imagined," Liam Geary Baulch, a U.K.-based Extinction Rebellion activist, told The Guardian. "We are now planning to change our structure so it can accommodate up to two million people." (Photo: Extinction Rebellion) News
As Uprising Spreads Across Globe, Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky Among Signers of Open Letter Backing Extinction Rebellion
"The climate crisis is worsening much faster than previously predicted. This desperate situation can't continue."
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'These False Solutions Are a Joke': Trump's Pro-Coal Panel at COP24 Shut Down With Laughter by Climate Campaigners
"Trump's attempts to pander to coal industry executives despite deafening alarms that burning more fossil fuels will lead to more destructive climate catastrophes is more than just willful ignorance—it's criminally irresponsible."
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COP24 News
US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait Launch 'Ludicrous' Effort to 'Sabotage' Support for Key UN Climate Study
Politicians, activists, and experts sharply condemned the move, emphasizing that "we are talking about the future of the world."
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activists holds signs asking, "what is your plan?" Views
Climate Change Is Likely to Come Sooner and Be Worse Than Latest Worst-Case Forecasts Suggest
We have no time to act—that's why a Green New Deal is absolutely necessary
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Inspired by the protests of 15-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, young activists organized strikes in London—and across the globe—on Friday to demand bold climate action. (Photo: Terry Matthews/Extinction Rebellion/Twitter) News
Rich Nations Aren't 'Paying Their Fair Share' to Mitigate the Climate Crisis, Says Report Released at COP24
"Unless there is a fair deal that accounts for the legacy of climate change caused by industrialized developed countries, we will never have a sustainable global strategy."
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As Study Ties 'Great Dying' of 252 Million Years Ago to Current Climate Crisis, Experts Say Still Time for 'Different Path'
"Reading about this may make you may feel powerless, but collectively, our choices are the most powerful geological force in our planet's history."
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The challenges that face us are immense. Now, more than ever, we need hellraisers like Mother Jones and Noam Chomsky to fight like hell for the living. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Views
How Would Mother Jones Eulogize George H.W. Bush?
Mother Jones would have us pray for George H.W. Bush, who died at age 94, but also for his victims, many of whom, children included, were buried without pomp, or were simply disappeared
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Record-High Carbon Emissions Show 'We Are Speeding Towards the Precipice of Irrevocable Climate Chaos'
"Brutal" new research offers a global "reality check" as world leaders discuss Paris accord goals at COP24
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