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Trump advisor Justin Clark, pictured here in September, told an audience of influential Republicans in swing state Wisconsin that the GOP will go on offense in 2020 to monitor polls. News
After Admitting "It’s Always Been Republicans Suppressing Votes," Trump Advisor Says Party Will Get Even More Aggressive in 2020
"It's clear there's no law Donald Trump and his right-wing machine won't bend, break, or ignore to try to win the presidency."
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'Message to Rest of the Country': Federal Judge Orders Texas to Stop Voter Purge
"This voter purge discriminates against naturalized citizens using a process that the court described as 'ham-handed' and 'threatening.'"
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“Without the right to vote, all other democratic rights are illusory.” (Photo: C-SPAN) Views
Stacey Abrams Files Federal Lawsuit Detailing Georgia’s Extensive Voter Suppression in 2018
But electing a Democrat as Secretary of State in next week’s runoff might be a quicker solution to these problems
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