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Public opinion polls have consistently shown that white Christians comprise the core of Trump’s base, although there are recent signs of a dip even among this key group. (Photo: CC) Views
Trump’s Use of Religion Follows Playbook of Authoritarian-leaning Leaders the World Over
Where Trump succeeds is in presenting himself as a Christian nationalist, much as Putin and Modi style themselves as the stout defenders of their countries’ dominant religions.
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Is Biden the solution? No. (Photo:  Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
If It's Biden vs. Trump, This Year's One-Choice Election Will Be for Oligarchy
We don’t need a "Punch and Judy" show between Trump and Biden. But that, along with corporate tyranny, is what we seem fated to get, unless we take to the streets and tear the house down.
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The rupture of social bonds, caused by the breakdown of society, income inequality, social stagnation and the disempowerment of the working class, is expressed in innumerable dark pathologies.(Photo: Mr.Fish) Views
The Curse of Moral Purity
Liberal elites have jettisoned genuine political life and retreated into self-defeating moral crusades in a vain and futile attempt to deflect attention away from the looming social, political, economic and environmental catastrophes.
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Nineteen years into a new century, with its forever wars on terror still ongoing across startlingly large stretches of the planet, the U.S. military is now turning as well to preparations for future wars with its so-called peer competitors (China and Russia). (Photo: DVIDSHUB/flickr/cc) Views
The Riptide of American Militarism
Lessons from the natural world on Washington’s unnatural wars
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A recent study conducted by Australian climate experts has forecasted that rapidly warming global temperatures could cause human civilization to collapse as early as 2050. (Photo: GRIDArendal) Views
Trump's War on Science Is Grounds to Impeach
There are fresh signs that the Trump Administration intends to actively interfere in research by federal scientists
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Through the silencing of Assange, the heart of democracy suffocates. (Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images) Views
We Must Defend Assange to Save Free Press from American Despotism
Assange sacrificed his personal liberty so that we could all be free
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'The Dam Is Breaking': Progressives Say Pelosi 'Running Out of Excuses' Not to Impeach Trump
"The drum is beating," said Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Tuesday, "and it is getting louder."
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The hollowing out of our democratic institutions, which cannot be blamed on Trump, makes tyranny inevitable.(Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig) Views
Creeping Toward Tyranny
Capitalists, throughout history, have backed fascism to thwart even the most tepid forms of socialism
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First Assange. Then us. (Photo: Matt Dunham / AP) Views
The Martyrdom of Julian Assange
We must, in every way possible, put pressure on the British government to halt the judicial lynching of Assange
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Chelsea Manning and the New Inquisition
The celebrated U.S. Army whistleblower has always insisted her leak of the classified documents was prompted solely by her own conscience and she has refused to implicate WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange
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