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This week, Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, announced updates to the public charge rule that would bar immigrants who use safety-net programs including Medicaid and food stamps from obtaining green cards. (Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.) Views
Public Charge Rule Is Trump's Latest Attack on Immigrants
The rule could have a particularly devastating effect on immigrant communities in the South, the nation's poorest region.
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The great majority of farmers—80% of eligible grain farmers—got zilch from Donald the Dealmaker. (Photo: AP Photo/Nati Harnik) Views
Government for the Rich, the Poor Be Damned
What we have here is government by plutocratic authoritarians who'll gleefully dole out millions to a wealthy family and then just as gleefully go out of their way to deny food to millions of poor families.
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Food stamps are a huge stimulus to the economy. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
You Don’t Save Money By Forcing People to Go Hungry
Food stamps helped me get back on my feet during a tough time. Cutting them is lose-lose.
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Instead of reducing the numbers of children who can get free meals, Sanders wants to increase the numbers to include everyone. (Photo: USDA/cc/flickr) Views
America’s New School Lunch Policy: Punishing Hungry Students for Their Parents’ Poverty
Will America continue to prioritize late-stage capitalism over ethical treatment of children?
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In reality, the shares are 1.5 percent for SNAP, 0.4 percent for TANF and 0.4 percent for foreign aid. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
To Readers, $X Billion Just Means ‘a Whole Lot of Money’
If the battle to change media reporting on budget numbers is both winnable and one that is likely to have a considerable impact on national politics, why is there so little interest among liberals and progressives in pursuing this fight?
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A customer pays for a bag of cherry tomatoes with EBT tokens at a farmers market. (Photo: John Benford/Aurora Photos/Getty Images) Views
Healthy Food Just Got a Big Boost in the New Farm Bill
A program that doubles the spending power for food stamp recipients who buy fresh produce just got more funding
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Trump's 'Devastating' New Proposal Offers Green Cards 'To the Highest Bidder,' Rejecting Families Who Have Received Public Benefits
"This proposal says work and family don't matter—only money matters. And at a time when one-fourth of children in America have at least one immigrant parent, it's a direct attack on children."
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Healthy Babies at Risk, Warn Experts, as Trump Fearmongering Drives Immigrant Families Off Nutrition Assistance Program
"Even without any official order banning immigrants and their US-born children from utilizing life-saving services, the rumors are already traumatizing families."
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President Donald Trump on Thursday pushed the House and Senate to pass a version of the farm bill that includes work requirements for families who receive food stamps. News
In Latest Attempt to Harm Struggling Families, Trump Urges Lawmakers to Push One Million Americans Off Food Stamp Program
"So weird the Trump administration isn't putting work requirements on its capital gains tax cut."
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Republicans' Food Stamp Work Requirement Is a Scheme to Punish Hungry Americans Views
Republicans' Food Stamp Work Requirement Is a Scheme to Punish Hungry Americans
We should aim to remove barriers to access, not take away food assistance from those who can't find work
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