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The idea of having billions of people come together for the collective good is what drives Holthaus’s theory of change. (Photo: Illustration by Fanatic Studio/Getty Images) Views
How to Bring About Catastrophic Success in the Face of Climate Change
By decolonizing the atmosphere and making climate reparations, Eric Holthaus shows just how hopeful the next 30 years could be.
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Public sops for this powerful global industry, whether international or national, must stop if we want real food system transformation for the planet. (Photo: Tim Geers/Flickr/cc)  Views
Public Money to Plunder the Planet: Development Banks Fund Big Meat and Dairy
The goal should be climate resilience and mitigation that helps empower local communities, indigenous peoples and workers while diminishing market power of oligopolies in agribusiness that drives social and environmental standards towards a race to the bottom.
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Students of the Pambilino Forest-School look at plants as they walk to school in San Jose de Mashpi, Ecuador on October 31, 2019. - Children learn the importance of nature at a forest-school located in a biosphere reserve in Ecuador. The area is a unique territory in which the social and economic development of communities tends to an harmonious relationship with the natural environment. (Photo by Cristina Vega Rhor / AFP) (Photo by CRISTINA VEGA RHOR/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Recent Developments in Ecuador: Rights of Nature
The Constitutional Court selects cases to develop the "content" of the legal rights of nature.
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But extinction or, at best, mass misery, need not be humanity’s fate. (Photo: CC) Views
Humanity Is an Endangered Species. Can We Do What it Takes to Save Ourselves?
Although there is not much time left before the world succumbs to one or more catastrophes, human beings have been able to alter their behavior and institutions before.
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A young girl plays with colorful rose petals during the Inti Raymi celebration in the village of Pesillo, Ecuador. The highland Indians, wearing beautiful costumes, dance, drink and sing with no rest. Colorful processions in honor of the God Inti (Sun) pass through the mountain villages giving thanks for the harvest and expressing their deep relation to the Mother Earth (Pachamama). (Photo by Jan Sochor/Latincontent/Getty Images) Views
Rights of Nature: One Big Step for Nature, One Small Step for Humankind
We must consume less. We must change everything we know.
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London based Vegan burger company Biffs Kitchen handing out samples of their pulled jackfruit burgers during Plant Powered Expo 2020 at Olympia London on February 2, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images) Views
The Plant-Based Diet That Our Planet Urgently Needs
The gulf between what people say they understand is necessary and what their actions continue to prove otherwise is alarming. It is nowhere more evident than their dietary choices.
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 Let’s imagine historians looking back at 2020 and describing it as the year when these societal systems began to change in earnest. (Photo: Pixaby) Views
Why 2020 Could Turn Out to Be a Transformative Year
2020 could turn out to be one of the most transformative years of our collective lives, marking the turning point when unjust, destructive, and inhumane systems began to be toppled and transformed.
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Degrowth calls for a fundamental restructuring of the economy to reduce its ecological impact and improve well-being by abolishing economic growth as a social objective. (Photo: Piotr Chrobot/Unsplash, CC BY-SA) Views
Economic Growth Can't Go Back to Normal If We Are to Solve the Ecological Crisis
Most scientists agree that an unprecedented economic transformation is now needed to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C and avert climate breakdown.
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The game billionaires play is not worthy of being called economy, either as care for the home, or as the art of living. It is exractive, naked money making, at war with life and creativity. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Views
The Path Beyond Extinction and Escape: Return to Earth, Regenerate and Share
Message for World Environment Day, 5 th June 2020.
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In the midst of this pandemic, we must do everything possible to spare millions of animals from unnecessary suffering and death. (Photo: Peakpx) Views
Rather Than Cull Millions of Livestock, Let’s End Animal Agriculture
In the long term, we must not waste this opportunity to start mending our broken relationship with animals. This begins with the end of factory farming and the redirection of all government relief and future subsidies towards plant-based agriculture and food processing.
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