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Demonstrators hold signs against HB6 Views
Ohio’s Fascist Pro-Nuke Attack on Democracy Comes Due on Monday
The unprecedented assault threatens the referendum process in Ohio and across the nation.
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Shinjiro Koizumi News
Japan's New Environmental Minister Calls for Closing Down All Nuclear Reactors to Prevent Another Disaster Like Fukushima
"We will be doomed if we allow another nuclear accident to occur."
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Plan to Release Radioactive Fukushima Wastewater Into Pacific Ocean Panned by Critics
"Another reason to not build nuclear power plants."
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Climate change itself works against nuclear power; severe droughts have led to the shutting down of reactors as the surrounding waters become too warm to provide the vital cooling function. (Photo: Reinhard Marscha - Views
The False Promise of Nuclear Power
We must free ourselves from the false hope that a technology designed for ultimate destruction could be transmogrified into ultimate life-enhancement.
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'An Insanely Bad Move': Experts Sound Alarm as Trump's Nuclear Safety Agency Weighs Rollback of Plant Inspections
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said one member of Congress, "needs to do more—not less—to ensure nuclear reactor safety."
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The Sodium Reactor Experiment (SRE) nuclear facility at the the Santa Susanna Field Laboratory (SSFL) site in 1958. Views
60 Years Since the Largest U.S. Nuclear Accident and Captured Federal Agencies
What is needed now is action
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Diablo Canyon Power Plant. (Photo: Wikimedia) Views
The Quake to Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone
Nothing significant has been done to improve safety at two coastal reactors upwind of ten million people that are surrounded by earthquake faults in a tsunami zone like the one where the four Fukushima reactors have already exploded
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Iran's Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi and government spokesman Ali Rabiei News
Increasing Pressure on Europe to Salvage Nuclear Deal, Iran Announces Plans to Exceed Uranium Enrichment Cap
The Iranian foreign minister accused the Trump administration of "economic terrorism" and emphasized that his nation's new "remedial steps" are "reversible."
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Trump and Bolton Views
Media Falsely Portrays Iran's Nuclear Deal Breach as Dash to Bomb
It's reminiscent of how the mainstream U.S. media handled the Bush administration's march to war in Iraq
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A view of Akademik Lomonosov, a floating nuclear power unit, its hull painted at the Atomflot base; being part of a floating nuclear power station, the vessel belongs to a new class of energy sources based on Russian nuclear shipbuilding technologies. News
'Chernobyl on Ice': Nuclear Plant Barge Headed Across Arctic Circle
Shipment of nuclear plant across polar waters draws criticism
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