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Tens of Millions in PPP Loans Went to Corporate Polluters After Companies Were Fined $52 Million, Analysis Shows
"Our federal government should not be essentially giving back portions of the penalties they've paid, but that's exactly what the Trump administration is doing through the PPP."
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Our next president must work to empower small-scale independent farmers and growers who use more humane and sustainable practices to transform and secure our food system.(Photo: KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images) Views
We Deserve to Know Where Trump and Biden Stand on Factory Farming
Countless studies have shown factory farming’s contribution to climate change, emitting more greenhouse gases than all the transportation in the world combined.
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Nearby wildfires bring very smoky conditions to a neighborhood in south Eugene on September 8. (Photo: Taylor Griggs) Views
Can You Afford to Breathe in the Pacific Northwest?
As climate change worsens wildfires each year, unhoused people in Oregon and Washington experience the worst of the smoke.
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Signs at environmental justice protest Views
Why Environmental Justice Needs to Be on the Docket in the Presidential Debates
Earlier this week, when Fox News announced the lineup of topics for the upcoming presidential debate, climate change and environmental justice were nowhere to be seen. Among the many lamentable things about that is that moderator Chris Wallace, who is scheduled for this Tuesday’s debate, has shown...
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An aerial shot of the chemical plants and factories that line the roads and suburbs of the area known as 'Cancer Alley' taken on October 15, 2013. (Photo: Giles Clarke/Getty Images.) Views
Life in Cancer Alley
State and local powers have approved a 14-plant plastics-production complex that would more than triple the levels of carcinogens in the region. It’s up to the residents to fight back to save their community.
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"To go from mere­ly ​'bet­ter than the Repub­li­cans' to ​'suf­fi­cient to save the plan­et,' the [Democratic] par­ty needs to shift its think­ing in sev­er­al areas," writes Sen, "Key among these are end­ing fos­sil fuel pro­duc­tion, tak­ing respon­si­bil­i­ty for U.S. emis­sions inter­na­tion­al­ly, and humane­ly wel­com­ing refugees impact­ed by cli­mate change." (Photo: michael_swan/flickr/cc) Views
This Is a Climate Emergency. We Need More Than Half-Measures from Democrats.
How to get the Democrats’ climate policy from “better than the Republicans” to “sufficient to save the planet.”
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cover image of WWF's Living Planet Report 2020 News
'Nature Is Unraveling': New WWF Report Reveals 'Alarming' 68% Plummet in Wildlife Populations Worldwide Since 1970
"In the midst of a global pandemic, it is now more important than ever to take unprecedented and coordinated global action to halt and start to reverse the loss of biodiversity."
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"Plastics don’t decompose like organic substances," write the authors, "Instead, they break down into smaller and smaller pieces, much of which ends up in oceans, where it is consumed by marine life and birds. (Photo: Chaideer Mahyuddin/AFP via Getty Images) Views
We Are Living in a Plastic World
The longer we delay phasing out fossil fuels and their byproducts, the more difficult change becomes. It’s time for new ideas.
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Logan, Taaffe, BSA District Executive in Washington, D.C, recites the Scout Oath before EPA Administrator Wheeler and National Capital Area Council, BSA Scout Executive Craig Poland sign a Memorandum of Understanding at the Boy Scouts Memorial in Washington, D.C. on August 17, 2020 (Photo: US EPA/YouTube screengrab) Views
The Boy Scouts Can Do Better Than Teaming up With Trump’s EPA
A bond between the BSA and this EPA rips apart the Scout Oath.
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“The vast majority of all plastic made up to now, will likely not be recycled,” Zoë Schlanger writes at Quartz. “And it will exist virtually forever, crumbling into microplastics that show up most everywhere scientists look for them.”(Photo: vaidehi shah/Flickr/cc) Views
Is There Life Beyond Plastic?
Our long-term future seems to matter far less than...short-term profit for some.
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