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Putting Solar Panels in Pipeline's Path, Campaign to Combine Power of Sun 'With Power of the People'
Indigenous-led campaign that aims to block Keystone XL pipeline with solar arrays "models the massive overhaul our energy system needs to stop the worst of climate change."
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"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to spend billions of Canadian citizens’ dollars on Kinder Morgan’s canadian assets provides no certainty that the Trans Mountain Expansion project will ever get built." (Photo: Protect the Inlet) Views
What Canada’s Pipeline Purchase Means for Line 3 and KXL
When all of these projects reach the end of the line, it’s the taxpayer that will pay to clean it all up.
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"While judges very often resist such necessity claims, since the 1970s hundreds of people who have committed civil disobedience in service of the public good have been acquitted on the grounds that their actions were taken to prevent a greater harm." (Photo: Peg Hunter/cc/flickr) Views
A Climate Constitution in the Courts and the Streets
A stable climate system is quite literally the foundation of society, “without which there would be neither civilization nor progress.”
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"Let's Not Subsidize Our Own Extinction": Rallies Across Canada Denounce Trudeau's Kinder Morgan Buyout
"This could cost $15 to $20 billion all told. That is money that could solve the drinking water crisis in Canada on First Nations reserves."
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“Continued investment in the oil sands generally, and in the Trans Mountain pipeline specifically, means Canada is doubling down on a no-win bet … Heads or tails, we lose." (Photo: Protect the inlet ) Views
Could Trudeau’s “Wilful Self-Delusion” on Climate Rip Canada Apart?
Kinder Morgan walks away with cash, whereas Canada could be heading for a constitutional crisis.
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Keystone XL Developer "Infiltrates Our Democracy" With Major Campaign Contributions in Nebraska
Ahead of midterms, TransCanada has poured several thousand dollars into the GOP governor's and state lawmakers' election efforts
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'Immense Moral Cowardice': Trudeau Trashed for Government Purchase of Climate-Killing Kinder Morgan Pipeline
"I hope Justin Trudeau knows that this decision is going to haunt him everywhere he travels in the world. Movements fighting for real climate action and Indigenous rights are everywhere."
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Brown’s Last Chance campaign to demand Jerry Brown stop new oil and gas drilling in California and devise a fair plan to phase it out entirely. Views
Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground is the Only Way to Save Polar Bears Ravaged by Climate Change
That’s why I’m working with the Brown’s Last Chance campaign to demand Jerry Brown stop new oil and gas drilling in California and devise a fair plan to phase it out entirely.
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"We see you dipping into fossil fuel industry branded manipulation." (Photo: via Friends of the Earth) Views
HSBC Divests From New Coal Projects Everywhere... Except Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Vietnam
Yet another example of t he fossil fuel industry's long history of exploiting poverty as a cover for destructive development.
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"Your unwavering support for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion runs counter to both of these commitments and undermines Canada’s role as a global leader.” (Photo: Greenpeace) Views
Civil Society To Justin Trudeau: “The Time For Investment in New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Is Over”
“The Trudeau federal government has made itself a pathetic hostage to a Texas-based pipeline company known for its cheapness and debt.”
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