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Ahead of Nationwide Walkout, Study Shows More Mass School Shooting Deaths So Far This Century Than Entirety of Last
Research bolsters the demands driving the student-led protests that have taken the nation by storm since mid-February
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"Asking them to accept the depressing realities of the society we’re bequeathing to them without expecting them to respond, let alone protest, is tantamount to teaching without listening."(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Views
Students as Teachers: Facing the World Adults Are Wrecking
What happens when a teachers stops and listens to her students.
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"Since 2010, the National Rifle Association has spent over $120 million to ensure the interest of gun manufacturers are represented over the safety of our families and the will of the people." (Photo: Light Brigading/flickr/cc) Views
To End Gun Violence, We Need to Address the Influence of Big Money In Politics
Despite overwhelming popular support for stricter gun control laws, Congress has been unwilling to act because of pressure from powerful special interests.
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Upholding Assault Weapons Ban, Federal Judge Says Constitution Has Nothing To Say About Restricting the AR-15
"Strong gun laws save lives, and we will not be intimidated by the gun lobby in our efforts to end the sale of assault weapons and protect our communities and schools."
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"It's hard to estimate how many deaths the US is responsible for overseas, especially indirect ones and those that have resulted from illegal gun trading." (Photo: Chayak / Flickr) Views
US Shootings: Gun Industry Killing More People Overseas
In every measurable way, the U.S is head honcho of the global violence industry.
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 "Does the Second Amendment pay homage to the default American storyline: that the enemy is always out there and the only defense is shooting first (or building a wall)?" (Photo: Kim Davies/flickr/cc) Views
Rethinking the Whole Country
For America to be America, does it need an enemy?
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Members of the Patch High School drill team compete in the team exhibition portion of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps drill meet at Heidelberg High School April 25. (Photo: Kristen Marquez, Herald Post/flickr/cc) Views
The Missing Link in the Gun Debate
The culture of war is pervasive in our society, through military-funded Hollywood films and video games, the militarization of the police, and JROTC and ROTC programs in our schools.
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Shooter at YouTube Headquarters Was Disgruntled Video-Maker, Police and Family Indicate
"The YouTube HQ shooting is proof that this is not just schools. Our country has a gun problem. End of story," tweeted a survivor of the Parkland school shooting.
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Monsters in Our Midst
“It was loaded with meaning and death.” Oh lethal, ticklish topic. So many people love guns and swear by them — many of them people with whom I am otherwise in essential political agreement. And it’s not like I relish a debate about “gun control,” a tug-of-war about limits that offends most gun...
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Gun Lobby Speaks: We Need More Guns, Especially in Schools
The NRA, its affiliates and the lawmakers it supports did not stay silent for too long. Now, the familiar arguments and strategies to defang a national push for stronger gun regulations
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