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The victims are honored outside the Tree of Life Synagogue Views
The World Mourns for Jews After Pittsburgh’s Synagogue Shooting. What About Other Targets of Hate?
It’s not enough to take a stand against anti-Semitism. We need to join together to fight all of it.
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“This pattern of violence and demeaning of ‘the Other’ has become so deeply embedded in the culture of the U.S. that only a true consciousness transformation will undermine its prevalence in both major political parties.” (Photo: Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) Views
Mass Murder and American History
This is America, where we have the freedom to kill one another
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Beyond the obvious racist underpinnings of these incidents lurks something far more sinister: the rise of racially motivated vigilantism. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Encourage Dangerous Vigilantism
Some Americans call the cops on black people for frivolous reasons. Others appoint themselves judge, jury, and — sometimes — executioner
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Brett Kavanaugh is approached by the parent of a Parkland shooting victim, Fred Guttenberg, during his Senate confirmation in Washington on Sept. 4, 2018. (Photo: Michael Reynolds / EPA) Views
Brett Kavanaugh's Extreme Beliefs on Gun Control Ignore the Concerns of Most Americans
The judge's consideration of only the Second Amendment’s text and history, ignoring public safety, is straight out of the gun lobby’s playbook
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How Many More? sign News
After Jacksonville Shooting, Students Plan Protests at Offices of NRA-Backed GOP Senators Who 'Prioritize Profit Over Lives'
"This is about politicians that have chosen NRA money over lives," says organizer Rebecca Heimbrock. "It's life or death."
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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos News
DeVos Condemned for Considering 'Unprecedented' and 'Sickening' Plan to Spend Public Funds on Guns for Teachers
"America's teachers are already forced to spend their own meager salaries on basic school supplies, but the Trump administration would rather use taxpayer money to buy them guns."
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"In a political climate dominated by an erratic president in the pocket of the NRA and a Congress with large numbers of members under the sway of the gun lobby, however, only a strong, persistent public outcry might make a difference." (Photo: Chayak / Flickr) Views
Donald Trump, Gunrunner for Hire
The NRA and the gun industry in the global stratosphere
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"So far this year the city has racked up more than 300 homicides, according to the Chicago Tribune. Something, as we all know, is out of control, in this city, across the country . . . and across the planet.." (Photo: AP) Views
Poverty, Violence, and Spiritual Wildfires
We’ve chosen, over the last half century, to perpetuate violence rather than take a complex, value-transforming stand against, or beyond, it
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National March on NRA News
'Never Again': To 'Demand They Listen,' Activists Stage Rally at NRA Headquarters
"We don't want thoughts. We don't want prayers. We want change."
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In Desperate Court Filing, NRA Claims It May Soon 'Be Unable to Exist' Due to Financial Troubles
"Money makes the thing go. If you make it untenable or deeply unpopular to associate with the NRA, the money spigot will slowly but surely be turned off."
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