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To win reelection, Trump, a corrupt con man (who jumped ship on his own bankrupt casinos, money in hand, leaving others holding the bag) will cheat and lie. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
The Real Cover-Up: Putting Donald Trump’s Impeachment in Context
High crimes and misdemeanors of the fading American century.
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The letter outlines a series of eight bold but practical recommendations to the U.S., Iran, and Europe that could widen the path to diplomacy that has narrowed considerably since the U.S. initiated a tit-for-tat ratcheting up of tensions with Iran. (Photo: LobeLog) Views
Expert Letter on Deescalating with Iran
There remains a narrow path for the U.S. and Iran to avoid military conflict and resolve ongoing disputes through negotiations.
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The reality of climate change was now indisputable. All that remained in question was how rapidly it would occur and the extent (and again rapidity) of the devastation that it would ultimately inflict. (Photo: Flickr/ChrisA1995/cc) Views
The Great Reckoning: A Look Back from Mid-Century
"Even today, it remains difficult to understand why, given mounting evidence of a grave crisis, passivity persisted for so long across most sectors of society."
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The new members of the House of Representatives, in particular, part of the youngest, most diverse crew to date, have begun to replace the old guard and are increasingly signalling their readiness to throw out policies that don't work for the American people, especially those reinforcing the American war machine. (Photo: DVIDSHUB/flickr/cc) Views
The Antiwar Movement No One Can See
Will it put a crimp in the war on terror?
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If the purpose of Trump’s speech was to make his listeners feel good, he delivered. Yet in doing so, he also relieved them of any responsibility for thinking too deeply about the event being commemorated. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Views
The Fake News of D-Day and the Art of Shaping Memory
Knowing whom to remember and how to forget
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If Donald Trump Is the Symptom... Then What’s the Disease?
In the context of both Trump change and climate change, we're obviously still awaiting our true transformative president, the one who is not a symptom of decline, but a factor in trying to right this country and the Earth before it's too late.
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The issue that should dwarf everything in sight today is planetary climate destruction. It’s happening in plain sight and all around us, and most of us clearly can't bear to think about it. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Views
Politics as Usual and Planetary Destruction
Fire and flood: What it means to be "great" on a planet going down
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What Happened to the Global Anti-War Movement?
The world had never seen anything like it, but where did it go?
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Many Americans have come to disapprove of those forever wars, but what have we citizens actually done about them? (Photo: Quora/Wikimedia) Views
My Pentagon Regret
As the U.S. rattles its sabers at Tehran, echoes of Sabers past
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 My destination was Marseilles (mar-SAYLZ), Illinois, a small prairie town with a population hovering around 5,000. (Photo: Flickr) Views
The “Forever Wars” Enshrined
What Illinois bikers know that Washington doesn't
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