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Pete Buttigieg News
'Utterly Disqualifying': Pete Buttigieg Panned for Praising Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
Critics pointed out that the retired justice "voted to uphold Trump's Muslim ban, voted for the Janus decision gutting labor unions, and voted to uphold voter suppression in Husted ."
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That the Supreme Court was failing its constitutional role had been clear to close observers since the 1976 decision in Buckley v. Valeo, which ruled that election spending was "speech." Views
Four Ways to Expand the U.S. Supreme Court
Congressional action can address the problem
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Raj Shah News
White House Spokesman Repeatedly Declines to Deny Report That Trump and Kennedy Struck Secret Deal Over Kavanaugh
"I'm not gonna read out private conversations that Justice Kennedy had with either members of the White House or the president," said the White House deputy press secretary
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How Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Could Lead to an Increase in Housing Discrimination
Kennedy was the swing vote on a case that affirmed the Fair Housing Act protects against discrimination, even if it isn't explicit
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Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement after holding his position for more than 30 years (Photo: Reuters) Views
Timing of Kennedy's Retirement Only Cements His Right-Wing Legacy
When it came to money and power, 'moderate' Justice Anthony Kennedy had always been an agent of the top one percent.
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Handing Trump Chance to Move Supreme Court Even Further Right, Justice Anthony Kennedy Retires
"Right now, our right to choose is hanging in the balance. Another Trump Supreme Court nominee would overturn Roe v. Wade ."
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US Supreme Court Views
Justice Kennedy Is the Bulwark Against a Conservative Counterrevolution
Should he leave the Supreme Court anytime soon, Kennedy’s successor is likely to eliminate the judicial branch as an effective check-and-balance on partisan power.
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Key U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the next term will likely hinge on Justice Anthony Kennedy's vote. Views
A Liberal Nightmare at the Supreme Court?
Three key high court cases that could dramatically shift U.S. constitutional law to the right are likely to hinge on the vote of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.
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