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Benefits for All or Just Some? Sanders Student Debt Plan Highlights 2020 Debate Over Universal vs. Means-Tested Programs
While some 2020 Democrats push means-tested policies tailored specifically to low-income Americans, Sen. Bernie Sanders argues universal programs are more just and politically effective
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Financed by Tax on Wall Street Speculators, Sanders Plan Would Wipe Out All $1.6 Trillion in US Student Loan Debt
"We bailed out Wall Street in 2008. It's time to tax Wall Street's greed to help the American people."
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 This movement had to happen, we didn’t have a choice.’ (Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) Views
Think We Should Be at School? Today’s Climate Strike Is the Biggest Lesson of All
We are among the young people striking against climate change in every corner of the globe—adults should join us too
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Students from the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement during a climate change protest in London on 15 February. (Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA) Views
Thank you, Climate Strikers. Your Action Matters and Your Power Will Be Felt
Nothing is possible without action, and almost anything is when we rise up together, as you are today
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In 1994, congress outlawed giving Pell Grants to prisoners. (Photo: AP/Rich Pedroncelli) Views
Bring Back Pell Grants for Prisoners
There are hundreds of thousands of people in this country’s prisons who could benefit from educational opportunities
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A student with her face painted participates in a climate change protest organized by 'Youth Strike 4 Climate' in London on Feb. 15. (Photo: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA-EFE / REX) Views
Students are Striking for Action on Climate Change—a Truancy Everyone Should Applaud
Maybe, at least for a day, there’s more education to be found out in the street. Instead of studying history, it’s time to make it.
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U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos News
'Crushing Defeat' for DeVos as Federal Judge Rules She Illegally Delayed Relief for Students Defrauded by For-Profit Colleges
"This is a major victory for student borrowers and for anyone who cares about having a government that operates under the rule of law, instead of as a pawn of the for-profit college industry."
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I enthusiastically endorse more civics, but it cannot be more of the same. (Photo: Flickr) Views
Teaching More Civics Will Not Save Us From Trump
Let's arms our students with an honest account of our nation’s political DNA, so they may have the wisdom to actively transform it into one worthy of our embrace
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Mick Mulvaney, Acting Director of the Consumer Finanical Protection Bureau News
Rebuking Trump CFPB for Only Serving Nation's "Most Powerful Financial Companies," Student Loan Watchdog Resigns
"The bureau's new political leadership has repeatedly undercut and undermined career CFPB staff working to secure relief for consumers."
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Wealth—Not Enrollment in Private School—Increases Student Achievement, According to New Study
It's time our policymakers stop ignoring the effect of income inequality on our nation's students.
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