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The EPA's New Shameful Tactic: Avoid People Poisoned by Coal Ash
The Trump administration has rolled back requirements for public hearings regarding federal rules, making the fossil fuel industry even less accountable to communities.
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Drastically reducing our energy use and implementing vast amounts of wind and solar are the best hopes for stopping coal. (Photo: AXEL SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Despite Trump Vows, Coal Industry Falling as Wind Power Surges in US and Worldwide
Trump is one of a handful of significant trans-generational genocidal maniacs whose policies will kill millions in the future.
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Activists for climate action rallied News
Tens of Thousands Join 'Sack ScoMo' Protests Against Government Climate Inaction as Bushfires Rage Across Australia
" These fires, heatwaves, and droughts are not just unprecedented—they're the direct result of decades of climate destruction at the hands of fossil fuel loving politicians."
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STMP image News
Climate Movement Takes Aim at Wall Street, Because 'Money Is Only Language Fossil Fuel Industry Speaks'
"Stop the Money Pipeline" campaign demands that banks, insurers, and asset managers cut ties with planet-destroying companies.
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Bushfires rage across the country, fuelled by record heat, and are now surging through acres of parched land dryer than ever after the worst drought in a generation.(Photo: David Gray/Getty Images) Views
Australia’s Bushfires Are a Wake-up Call: We Must Build a More Humane Economy Before It’s Too Late
Economists used to admire scientists. Now they ignore them at our peril.
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Whereas the young are climate heroes, Australia’s Prime Minister is a coward, a climate denier who loves coal. (Photo: South Bend Voice/cc/flickr) Views
Decades of Denial Have to End: We Need Radical Climate Leadership in 2020
The next decade will define our collective future. We have no time to waste.
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A firefighter and a koala watch a bushfire in Eden Hills, Adelaide, South Australia. News
Pouring Coal on the Fires, Aussie PM Rejects Climate Solutions as Country Burns
"These are the realities that make me wonder at how corrupt must be the souls of people who have the power to stop this and fail to act."
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Sign reads: Finance the future not fossil fuels News
'This Is a Big Deal': Goldman Sachs Rules Out Funding New Coal Projects, Arctic Oil Drilling
"The smart money on Wall Street is drawing red lines on oil and gas, and exiting coal."
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These sorts of dramatic protests seem to me the writing on the wall. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Turning Point in Climate Activism? Germans Block Coal Mines With Their Bodies
As the horrific effects of carbon pollution become more and more apparent in fire and flood, drought and pestilence, the general public will mobilize to pressure governments and offset the energy lobbies that now often have a lock on policy decisions.
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Climate activists protests at three coal mines in Germany Saturday. News
Thousands of Activists Stage Protests at Three German Coal Mines to Demand Bolder Climate Policies
"We're at a critical moment—the window of opportunity to stop the climate crisis is closing rapidly."
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