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Activists rally in support of Puerto Rican families displaced by Hurricane Maria, on the steps of City Hall, April 19, 2018 in New York City. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) News
San Juan Mayor Says Trump's "Total Neglect' of Puerto Rico Must Be Called Out
"The United Nations says that when people are denied the access to basic human services—like electric power, like water, like food, like appropriate medical care—it is like a violation of human rights."
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Heckuva Murderous Job, Donnie
Remembering the dead. Reuters photo. In appalling but unsurprising news at the edgy start of another hurricane season, a crippled Puerto Rico and a criminally incognizant dotard-in-chief are still with us. In the wake of a damning new study finding that last year Hurricane Maria resulted in not 16...
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Decrying Trump's 'Cruel' Refusal to Act, Warren and Markey Unveil Bill to Help Puerto Ricans Left Homeless by Maria
With a new hurricane season beginning, "this can't wait," says Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)
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A house in the mountains of Puerto Rico that was damaged by Hurricane Maria broadcast a call for help from its roof. A new study out of Harvard University estimated that the death toll from the storm far surpassed the White House's figures, sparking censure of the Trump administration's handling of the crisis. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Views
Racism Keeps Rearing Its Ugly Head
We see over and over the dehumanization of people of color in our country and our world.
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"Media coverage of the crisis in Puerto Rico has been dismal since the hurricane hit; even when outlets reported on major scandals about the mismanaged recovery, the coverage was negligible and faded quickly." (Photo: Sarah Wasko / Media Matters) Views
Study Finds 5,000 People May Have Died From Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Cable News Focused on Roseanne Instead.
Cable news covered Roseanne for over 10 hours. They covered Hurricane Maria's death toll in Puerto Rico for just over 30 minutes.
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Water rushes through Main Street in Ellicott City, Md., on Sunday. (Photo: Libby Solomon/The Baltimore Sun) Views
'Did Climate Change Kill … People in Ellicott City?'
Team Trump is doing everything it can to “ignore” climate science.
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Harvard Study Puts Hurricane Deaths in Puerto Rico at Nearly 6,000 People—70 Times Official Count
Findings are "confirmation of an American tragedy," says Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.)
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The Deal That Puerto Rico Didn't Ask for and Didn't Want
Puerto Rico remains devastated, but few in Congress or the White House seem to consider its reconstruction a priority.
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Florida’s Senate Race: Does It Matter?
The Nelson-Scott match up is...little more substantive than peas in a pod or birds of a feather who will flock together
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Police Unleash 'Brutal Attacks' on Austerity Protesters in Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico
While "inhumane and strikingly antidemocratic" budget cuts are imposed on the U.S. territory, outrage after law enforcement used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up May Day demonstrations
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