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Naomi Klein rightly points out that the Puertopians—the libertarian anti-social capitalists who want to devour the world—seek to turn Puerto Rico into their little paradise. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Views
How Disaster Capitalism Has Ruined Puerto Rico
And what Cuba can teach the world about going a different route
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Day before Hurricane Maria. Taken in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. ( Photo: Amira Odeh) Views
Puerto Rico One Year Later: We’re Fighting for Justice and Prosperity
It has been a year since the impact of Maria. Here in Puerto Rico, there are still families living in the dark, homes without a roof, people who haven’t been able to find a new job after their businesses were destroyed, and people mourning their lost loved ones. This is climate injustice in action.
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Naomi Klein on Democracy Now! (Photo: Screenshot) News
Naomi Klein: A Year After Hurricane Maria, There Is Nothing Natural About Puerto Rico’s Disaster
"I don't think we should be surprised Donald Trump is denying hard reality… Hurricane Maria was the catalyst for thousands of people losing their lives"
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Maine Lawmakers Vote to Curb Free Speech by Banning Projection of Political Messages onto State House
"It's free speech...It's a public space, paid for with tax dollars. It's our State House."
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On Trump's New York Doorstep, Demands for Puerto Rico Recovery That Puts Human Dignity Over Profit
"We need to ensure that we are fighting against a predatory system that sucks every bit of value from the backs of working people."
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Historic: Too Much Winning
Tarp City, still. Photo by Dennis Rivera/AP On the first grim anniversary of Hurricane Maria making landfall, as Puerto Rico remains in tarp-strewn ruins, many survivors lack reliable power or water, and scores of the hundreds of thousands who fled now face homelessness, a determinedly amnesiac...
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Puerto Rico did not receive the same federal support that US states do, meaning that as the economy worsened, its government had to foot the bill for a large share of social programs.(Photo: ep_jhu/Flickr/cc) Views
Puerto Rico’s Colonial Legacy and Its Continuing Economic Troubles
Given that the people of Puerto Rico have no democratic representation or say in this process, it is not surprising that their colonial rulers are ignoring their needs
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Rescue workers are searching for dozens of people feared dead News
Scores Feared Dead in Philippines After Massive Landslide Triggered by Typhoon Mangkhut
Recovery efforts are only beginning in the Philippines and Hong Kong as Southern China continues to battle rain and strong winds
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 The most unconscionable situation is the thousands of migrant youths that the U.S. government currently has locked up in its rapidly expanding archipelago of detention centers — tents rapidly erected in the arid desert or other substandard facilities rife with abuse. (Photo: CAROLYN COLE / LOS ANGELES TIMES)  Views
Trumpism Is Fueled by One Thing: Fear. 12,800 Kids Are Paying a Terrible Price
This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better
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Trump tosses rolls of paper towels like basketballs to victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017 Views
Hurricane Trump, Season 2
If we don’t take responsibility things will only get worse, and Trump has completely shoved his head in the sand, so it is up to everyone else now.
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