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"While referring uniformly to this latest centrally-generated fiasco as a “total” blackout, the corporate media have almost totally ignored this steady, fast-growing stream of power being generated on Puerto Rico, virtually all of it solar." (Photo: USAF Nicholas Dutton) Views
Puerto Rico Goes Back Door to Solartopia and the Corporate Media Blacks It Out
A Solartopian Puerto Rico would threaten the Trumpian corporatists who want to “restore” the island’s central, fossil-fired, utterly corrupted grid, which is sure to go down in the next global-warmed hurricane.
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 "What Medicare for All is to the health care debate, or Fight for $15 is to the battle about inequality, 100% Renewable is to the struggle for the planet’s future." (Photo: Laurel L. Russwurm/flickr/cc) Views
100% Renewable Energy is Within Our Reach
America’s twisted politics may slow the transition to renewables, but other countries are now pushing the pace.
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'Total Failure of Governance' by Trump: Island-Wide Blackout Deepens Puerto Rico Crisis
As privatization fears loom, the U.S. territory is "still dealing with an unstable and unreliable power grid."
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The Battle for Paradise: Puerto Ricans and Ultrarich "Puertopians" are Locked in a Pitched Struggle Over How to Remake the Island
When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, Puerto Ricans almost immediately began worrying about disaster capitalists swooping in to buy up beleaguered public utilities and damaged beachfront property on the cheap.
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A school bus crosses a makeshift automobile bridge after the original bridge was washed away during Hurricane Maria flooding, on December 20, 2017 in Morovis, Puerto Rico.  (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) News
Outrage Follows Puerto Rico's Announcement It's Closing Nearly a Third of Its Public Schools
"The harm that the education secretary is causing children and their parents is immeasurable."
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Gov. Ricardo Rossello signed into law an "education reform" bill that allows for school vouchers and charter schools. (Photo: Lorie Shaull/flickr/cc) News
Seizing Upon Post-Hurricane Damage, Puerto Rico's New "Education Reform" Law Paves Way for Charters, Vouchers
"Puerto Rico is now open to edupreneurs, no-excuses charters, and corporate exploitation of its children."
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Author Naomi Klein appearing on Democracy Now! Wednesday. News
“The Battle for Paradise”: Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism & the Fight for Puerto Rico’s Future
"We're seeing the strategy that we've seen in many other disaster zones... which is exploiting that state of shock and distraction and emergency to push through a radical corporate agenda."
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'Neglect and Bureaucracy': Six Months After Maria, Trump Condemned for Failed Response in Puerto Rico
"We're tired of being treated like second-class citizens."
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In Midst of 'Immense Suffering' Caused by Climate Crisis, Caribbean Religious Leaders Call for Debt Relief
"We in the Caribbean, like some other nations elsewhere in the global south, are least responsible for but most affected by climate change."
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Despite Unprecedented Year of Extreme Weather, FEMA Ditches Every Single Mention of 'Climate' From Four-Year Strategic Plan
"The new document doesn't mention climate, global warming, sea-level rise, extreme weather, or any other terminology associated with scientific predictions of rising surface temperatures and their effects."
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