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 "In big cities and small towns, red states and blue states, Americans feel the vital importance of a government that will hold people accountable when they do wrong." (Photo: Steven Senne/AP) Views
The Trump Administration Is Trying To Undermine The CFPB. It Will Fail.
"We also gave countless people hope that, for once, they would have an ally on their side if they were mistreated by a powerful corporation."
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"The devil is in the details, as the saying goes, and those details get hammered out in congressional appropriations and other large bills, like the upcoming farm bill." (Photo: Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0) Views
The Trump Budget's Crushing Cruelty
“This budget is the budget of the Koch brothers. It is the budget of the billionaire class. And the American people understand it.”
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 Rob Porter, right, with Don McGahn, White House counsel, resigned last week in the wake of ex-wives allegations that he physically abused them. (Photo: Tom Williams/Getty Images)  Views
I Know What A Domestic Abuser Looks Like, and it Doesn’t Look Like, ‘We Hope He Has a Wonderful Career.’
Not until the story became an international outrage was Porter forced to resign.
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Images of Colbie Holderness after an alleged incident with her then-husband Rob Porter in the early 2000s. (Courtesy of Colbie Holderness) Views
Rob Porter Is My Ex-Husband. Here’s What You Should Know About Abuse.
"I walked away from that relationship a shell of the person I was when I went into it."
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"Trump kept touting the run-up in the stock market during the first year of his regime. Presidents don’t have that much to do with the stock market." (Photo: Rick Wilking / Reuters/Github Forked) Views
Top 5 Economic Disappointments of the Trump Regime (so far)
The Trump tax slashing bill moved $1.5 trillion from the middle classes to the super-wealthy, drastically reducing government services for most people while further enriching the very wealthiest.
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"The brains behind this latest move is Seema Verma, a conservative healthcare specialist out of Indiana, where she worked for the administrations of both the overrated Mitch Daniels and the unrated Mike Pence." (Photo: Getty) Views
Trumpian Philosophy: Any Regulation Is Bad, Even If It Protects Sick Old People
Nursing home residents beware.
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Donald Trump was hostile to the CFPB from the start, and he said this as he shoehorned Mulvaney into the director’s chair (in a tweet, naturally) Views
Mulvaney’s In, Bankers Win, and Trump Shafts Americans Again
The political extremist who once said he would like to get rid of the CFPB is now its Acting Director.
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 "To push tax reform through Congress, Trump needs to unite the four segments of the Republican Party.  Given the Pew Research data, that appears to be a difficult task.  A key element of the tax-reform proposals are substantial cuts for billionaires and corporations." Views
Trump’s Tax Cut Challenge
Trump's poor performance has affected the Republican Party.
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Even many prominent figures in the anti-Trump self-declared Democratic “Resistance” have done the same, cheering on the far-right billionaire-in-chief when he is waging war, and praising the senior military officials he has appointed to the helm of the civilian government. Views
Media Spent Months Lionizing General Who Defended Slaveholders’ Revolt
John Kelly is our greatest hope to rein in President Donald?
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With the proposed tax cuts, the public debt could easily exceed 100% of GDP. Views
The Ominous Absurdity Of Trump's Tax Cuts
Let's face it: the entire corporate tax cut idea makes no sense.
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