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Our dysfunctional health care system remains an outlier among the rest of the developed world for not providing universal health coverage. (Photo: Joe Newman via Public Citizen/flickr/cc) Views
Biden Ran on a Return To Normalcy, but There's Nothing Normal About the American Health Care System
In poll after poll, Americans have indicated their preference for a universal, single-payer health care system. Compromise and half-measures are not acceptable. Medicare for All remains the goal.
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'Threadbare' US System Denounced as Study Shows 12 Million Lost Employer-Tied Healthcare During Pandemic
"Delinking health insurance with jobs should be a top policy priority."
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The newly-created Center for Health and Democracy, says founder Wendell Potter, is necessary because there "not nearly enough awareness of the problems associated with money in politics and why money in politics is a real barrier for this country to move forward on meaningful healthcare reform. We will be drawing attention to how big corporations and associations are spending enormous sums of money to influence campaigns and public policy, both legislation and regulations, and help explain why that is block Views
Covid-19 'Has Laid Bare' the Crisis of Healthcare in America
Wendell Potter's new group, the Center for Health and Democracy, investigates how money in politics stubbornly resists health insurance reform.
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(L-R) Gail Boudreaux, CEO of Anthem, US Vice President Mike Pence, US President Donald Trump, David Wichmann, CEO of UnitedHealth Group, and others listen to an attendee speak to the press after a meeting about the coronavirus, COVID-19 with members of the insurance industry in the Roosevelt Room of the White House March 10, 2020, in Washington, DC. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski / AFP via Getty Images) Views
Coronavirus Pandemic Reveals Just How Devastating the Greed of For-Profit Insurance Industry Has Become
Remember: For-profit insurers are in the business to make a profit. Period.
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With Medicare for All, the vast majority of families will spend less on health care than they do now on premiums, copays and deductibles. Views
We Asked a Simple Question. What We Received Was Shocking.
" $10,000 for 4 hours in emergency room, food poisoning. Didn’t even stay the night!"
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Americans are fed up with a callous, often cruel system that treats them as collateral damage and a "medical loss ratio." (Photo: National Nurses United/Twitter) Views
Patient Crisis Obscured By Cost Talk on Medicare for All
How long must we allow fearmongering and health care industry talking points stand in the way of the transformative reform that would guarantee health coverage for all our nation’s residents without the backbreaking costs and heartbreaking health insecurity that burdens so many today?
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Something that often gets lost in the debate over the cost of single-payer is that its implementation would lead to a host of savings that make the bill to taxpayers a lot less than the sticker price. (Photo: National Nurses United/Twitter) Views
How the US Could Afford 'Medicare for All'
Medicare, America’s greatest success in advancing health care, succeeded precisely because it was limited and had its own dedicated funding streams.
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We need health care system designed to care for people, not profits—and Medicare for All is the best way we can do that. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Every Single One of My Patients Deserves Medicare for All
If my patient needs a heart procedure, we should decide that together—not some insurance company.
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Healthcare Reformer Wendell Potter: The For-Profit 'System Is Unraveling'
A business group comes out swinging on behalf of Medicare for All.
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New polling from Data for Progress shows that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are united in their support for policies that would radically restructure the current system. (Photo: Floris Van Cauwelaert/flickr/cc) Views
You Might Be Surprised at How Far Americans Are Willing to Go to Overthrow the Power of Big Pharma
No industry is more unpopular than the pharmaceutical industry.
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