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Updated: Mueller's Office Says Bombshell Buzzfeed Report That Trump Ordered Cohen to Lie to Congress "Not Accurate"
"If the Buzzfeed story is true, President Trump must resign or be impeached," declared Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro.
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Giuliani Claims 'I Never Said There Was No Collusion' Between Trump Campaign and Russia (Yes, He Did)
"Can't help but wonder what shoe may be about to drop in the Mueller investigation if Rudy Giuliani is on cable news saying things like [this]."
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Trump presumptively violated the law and the Constitution by keeping or destroying his interpreter’s notes, or indeed if he failed to have notes of meetings with Putin and other foreign leaders taken and preserved.(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images) Views
Trump Violates Law by Taking Putin Notes
Will Congress – including the Republicans who control the Senate – finally step up to their responsibility as a co-equal branch of government to stop Trump?
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Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) News
Durbin Calls for Senate Hearings to Probe 'Serious Questions' About Why Trump Is 'So Chummy' With Putin
The senator's remarks follow a series of recent reports that sparked alarm over the relationship as Mueller's investigation continues
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Despite Nationwide Effort to Insulate Deputy AG From Trump, Rosenstein Reportedly Has Exit Plan
"Let's hope this means Rosenstein believes that Mueller’s work is largely done and can no longer be derailed."
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With Mueller Report Expected Soon, Trump Team May Claim Executive Privilege to Block Public Release
While critics called such a move "absurd," they also warned it could tie up the special counsel's report in court for months or even years
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Impeach Trump Sticker News
'Trump Is Guilty': Along With Democratic Control of House Comes Renewed Push to Impeach President
"Every day, Donald Trump shows that leaving the White House would be good for our country," says Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.)
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In 2019, Trump will face greater pressure from the investigation by Robert Mueller.(Gage Skidmore via Flickr) Views
Peak Trump
The president will never again have so many levers of power at his disposal
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How This Year's Struggles Set Us Up for a Bold, Hopeful 2019
Our fragile democracy needs the will of the people to protect it, but the events of 2018 prove that Americans are up to the challenge.
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Russia is no more threat to the people of United States than any other lesser imperialist power. We face far greater threats from the neocons currently occupying the White House. (Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia) Views
Sex, Russia and Impeachment
Democrats should stop braying about the Trump-Putin conspiracy and focus on the White House's real crimes
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