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Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin speaks while President Donald Trump listens during the daily briefing on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in the Brady Briefing Room at the White House on April 2, 2020, in Washington, D.C. News
With Economy 'Overlord' Mnuchin Controlling Bailout Funds, Green Group Demands to Know What 'Climate-Killing Companies' Are Seeking Government Cash
Mnuchin "can pick winners and losers as he sees fit, even if it destroys our climate. That's terrifying."
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With Nation Distracted by Public Health and Economic Crises, Trump Moves to Allow GMO Crops in Wildlife Refuges
"Only the Trump administration would aggressively promote the use of crops genetically engineered for pesticide tolerance on wildlife refuges."
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Mnuchin and Trump News
Amid Climate Crisis and Raging Pandemic, Trump Blasted for 'Morally Bankrupt' Multibillion-Dollar Big Oil Bailout
"The last thing Trump should be doing in this time of generational crisis is allocating vital national resources to an industry that contributes to global environmental and human health instability."
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Senate Democrats' Plan for Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 Is 'Wishful Thinking' on Solving Crisis, Climate Action Groups Say
"We need binding emission reduction targets, in line with what climate justice and historical responsibility demand, far sooner than 2050."
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Cedar Mesa Citadel Ruins News
Trump's Final Plan to Open Treasured Public Lands in Utah Called 'Sellout' to Big Oil
The administration's new managment plans "are the latest in a series of insults... that began when Trump illegally dismantled Bears Ears and Grand Staircase at the behest of corporate interests two years ago."
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March for a Clean Energy Revolution in Philadelphia News
New Program Set to Fight for 'Electricity Future That Works for People and the Planet'
The new effort will focus on utilities' monopolies and reliance on fossil fuels.
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The Northern Muriqui News
'Saving Life on Earth' for Just $100 Billion: New Roadmap Shows How US Can Address Global Extinction Crisis
The plan calls for the president to declare the global extinction crisis a national emergency and establish 500 new national parks, wildlife refuges, and marine sanctuaries.
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A detail of the cover image for Toxic Hangover, a new report by Center for Biological Diversity. News
New Report Details How EPA Is Promoting 'Worst of the Worst Pesticides'
From 2017-2018, the agency approved 69 new pesticide products containing an ingredient the EPA recognizes as a "known" or "likely" carcinogen.
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U.S. Coast Guard crews work to put out a fire during the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. News
Trump Accused of 'Disgraceful Abdication' of Duty to Protect Earth for Proposal to Neuter Landmark Environmental Law
The reported plan targets the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which has been called the Magna Carta of environmental legislation, and could hasten approval of pipelines like the Keystone XL.
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monarch nectaring on a showy milkweed News
'Because Insects Are Key to Our Own Survival,' 73 Scientists Unveil Global Roadmap to Battle Bugpocalypse
The immediate "no-regret" measures they propose include aggressively curbing planet-heating emissions and the use of synthetic pesticides.
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