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Water and field News
Trump Rollback of Key EPA Water Protection Rule Denounced as 'Callous' and 'Immoral' Giveaway to Big Polluters
"This is shameful and dangerous."
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A artist's rendetion of the Cygnus M3, billed as one of the supersonic passengers jets of the future. News
'Madness': Dozens of Groups Push Back Against Trump Proposal to Bring Back Supersonic Planes
"The world is burning, and supersonic planes would pour jet fuel on the fire."
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A coyote returns for the last scraps of a road killed pronghorn. News
After Public Outcry, Trump EPA Reverses Approval for Using 'Cyanide Bombs' to Kill US Wildlife
"I hope the feds finally recognize the need for a permanent ban to protect people, pets, and imperiled wildlife from this poison."
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Roundup News
Playing Role of Pesticide 'Cheerleader,' EPA Rebukes Calif. With Ban on Warning Labels for Roundup
"It's the Environmental Protection Agency, not the pesticide protection agency."
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'Disgusting and Disturbing': Trump Guts Endangered Species Act in Gift to Big Business
"This administration seems set on damaging fragile ecosystems by prioritizing industry interests over science."
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This image obtained through a FOIA request by the Center for Biological Diversity shows a dead wolf or coyote near a poison sign in New Mexico. News
Trump Administration Reauthorizes 'Cyanide Bombs' to Kill US Wildlife
Conservation groups say the devices are indiscriminate killers that should be banned
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A protester left a "Science Makes America Great" sign in front of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Science March in Washington on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017. News
Challenging EPA's New FOIA Rule, Suit Seeks to Stop Trump's "Shameful Attempt to Keep Americans in the Dark"
"We have a right to know what EPA is trying to hide and which Trump appointee is trying to hide it."
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Opponents of the Keystone XL News
'Trump Is Not Above the Law': New Lawsuit Aims to Defeat Keystone XL
"We won't stop fighting Trump's underhanded attempt to dodge the courts and ram this dirty fossil fuel project down America's throat."
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Progressives Denounce Export-Import Bank's Support for Fossil Fuel Industry as Congress Debates Reauthorization
"Every coal power plant the Export-Import Bank props up brings us that much closer to climate catastrophe."
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The Extinction Deniers Are Here
Just like climate deniers, they’re out to obfuscate and debase the scientists and conservationists trying to save the world—and maybe get rid of a few pesky species in the process
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